“Tottenham Hotspur Open Training” held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium

Tottenham players’ training was unveiled to some fans and reporters at the “Tottenham Hotspur Open Training” held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the afternoon of the 11th. Tottenham’s team, including Son Heung-min, who appeared on the ground around 6:20 p.m., received enthusiastic cheers from fans. The players warmed up with light running and mini games.

The last 30 minutes of the training, which lasted about two hours, focused on physical training. I repeated sprinting from end to end of the soccer field. At first, the players played in line, but in the second half, there were players who fell behind and fell. First, Kane collapsed exhausted and sat on the ground and rested. Since then, Son Heung-min has fallen struggling. When Son Heung-min collapsed, the coaches approached and handed him water and recommended him to rest. Kane approached the fallen Son Heung-min and raised him by holding his hand. 토토사이트

Son Heung-min and Kane led their tired bodies again and continued their training again. Fans say ‘couple’ while looking at Son Heung-min and Kane. In an interview, the two players also said, “I don’t know where Son Heung-min is even if I don’t see him.” “No matter where I go, Kane will throw a pass,” he said. Meanwhile, Tottenham, who was invited to the “Coupang Play Series,” will play the first game against Team K League at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8 p.m. on the 13th, and Sevilla at Suwon World Cup Stadium.

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