“K League Youth Potential, Korea will be an interesting team in the future.”

The potential of the Korean players was very impressive.Korea is likely to grow into an interesting team in the future “

These are the words of René Petter Anderlecht, head coach of the Under-17 (U-17.

The Anderlecht U-17 team won 1-0 in the final of the “K League International Youth Cup Incheon 2023” against the Tokyo Verdi U-17 team (Japan) at Incheon Football Stadium on the 9th with Abubakar Conte’s winning goal in the 31st minute of the second half. Anderlecht became the first champion of the tournament, having been undefeated in six matches since the group stage.

After the game, Petter said, “I had a lot of fun participating in the tournament. Anderlecht has participated in many youth competitions abroad. I’ve also been to a Chinese competition. I went into a different level of play. Thank you to all the officials who prepared for the competition. I was surprised because it seemed like I prepared well for the competition.It’s the first tournament, and I didn’t expect such a strong team to come out. I also participated in the Chinese competition, and I didn’t know that a team of this level would come, but I met Korea and Japan, and it was tough. We won the championship, but honestly, it was not easy to win. “I’m going to experience a good tournament,” he said.

Coach Peter seemed to like the tournament very much. He said, “Experience is important for players of this age. In the meantime, I have mainly experienced it in Europe. It was meaningful to come to Korea and find out if youth players train, play, and perform on other continents. We are a team trying to be the best. The same is said for youth players. It was important that the players gained a lot of experience. It was important for players outside of Europe to see the performance of players at a certain level. There were few opportunities to come to Korea. Both the players and the staff came to Korea for the first time. Getting a lot of experience was a more valuable experience than winning,” he said with a smile.

He highly valued the possibility of Asian soccer. “I’ve found a lot of potential for Asian teams. What’s interesting is that we also have speed, 토토사이트 strength, and techniques, but some of the teams we met had really, really high levels. It had enough to work on the world stage. For example, I played against Incheon United Youth Team yesterday, and the second against Pohang Steelers, and some players found very good players. Europe has a good reputation for youth players, but I think the potential of Asian football, especially young players, is very high. In particular, the potential of Korean players was very impressive. We also faced Jeonbuk Hyundai. There is a player who makes a difference when playing. I found some key players like that. I thought that Korea will grow into an interesting team in the future. If I have another chance to play, I would definitely like to join. Few people could not come due to the transfer of the national team. “If you invite me again, I will bring all the top players of our youth team.”

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