With the development of Bingo and its huge global spread, the game has taken on new forms and transformations

Not surprisingly, it is a simple but very interesting game. As we mentioned before, it is also widely used beyond gambling frames. Here we offer the seven most popular variations of Bingo known in the world, but the list is not limited to them.

U-Pick-M Bingo
Similar to Lotto in Italy and Keno in China, this variation of bingo adds a simple twist: players choose their own numbers instead of receiving pre-printed cards.

Death Bingo
Death Bingo introduces an exciting twist. To win, the player must receive all the numbers at the end. Due to this change in winning conditions, games tend to last longer than classical bingo.

Bingo Bonanza
Bonanza uses traditional 75-ball bingo to make it faster. The player is given 43 numbers at first and plays bingo from this point on. Jackpot keeps rising during gameplay. 파칭코

Blackout Bingo
Blackout, also known as cover ole, is a bingo variant that requires a player to cover every field to win. These games last longer and typically the pot goes up every round without a winner.

Math bingo
The game can be used to help students learn math: for example, instead of calling numbers directly, teachers give formulas that they have to solve to get numbers.

a horse-racing bingo
This variant can be played by up to 15 players. They are each assigned a column of flashboards. The first player wins all the numbers in their column.

Facebook Bingo
As the name suggests, this kind of bingo plays on Facebook. Players can use power-ups to increase their chances of winning.

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