“I’m only 25, I can sign a three-year, $24 million contract.” The best finish in Korea was connected to the Dodgers. Why?

Ko Woo-suk (25), who is trying to advance to the Major League (MLB) with the permission of the LG Twins, is connecting with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Dodgers Way said on the 27th (Korea Standard Time), “Star Korean Closer (Ko Woo-seok) is underestimated when it comes to the Dodgers finding FA players.”

Ko Woo-seok was surprised to receive an identification inquiry from the Major League secretariat on the 15th. Lee Jung-hoo has long expressed his intention to challenge to the Major League, but he was not Ko Woo-seok. Ko Woo-seok, who played seven seasons from 2017 to this year, filled the number of compensation days by playing in international competitions and was able to advance to the Major League through the posting system. To do so, you must obtain permission from the club. 슬롯머신

LG Club, which confirmed the player’s willingness to enter overseas markets from Ko Woo-seok, gave permission after consideration on the 22nd. However, there are prerequisites. When negotiating with the Major League club, both Ko Woo-seok and LG must come up with satisfactory treatment conditions.

Ko pitched in 354 games with 19 wins and 26 losses, 139 saves and six holds with an ERA of 3.18, and became the save king last year. This season, he suffered ups and downs due to injuries such as his shoulder and back, but he helped LG win the Korean Series in 29 years in the postseason.

Against this backdrop, local analysts say that the Dodgers are connecting Ko with the Dodgers. “The Dodgers probably won’t have to do anything to the lineup. Except to court the world’s best player (Shohei Otani), as you know. What Andrew Friedman needs to reinforce is the starting lineup and the bullpen,” the media pointed out.

“I have to bring some undervalued jewels, but no other pitcher in Korea has been granted permission to post something for the Major League,” he said. “I have faced 334 batters in 275 ⅓ innings over the past five seasons in the KBO League. I am still only 25 years old,” he said. “I can sign a three-year, 24 million-dollar contract. An 8 million-dollar AAV (average annual salary) is worth it. It could be a gamble like Daniel Hudson (playing the 6.5 million dollar option). But what about 10 million dollars for the Dodgers? Anyway, it would be the best offer.”

It remains to be seen whether Ko Woo-suk’s contract will be concluded. The media said, “It depends on how much the scouts who actually watched Ko like his fastball and curveball.”

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