Ahn Chi-hong Compensation Player Actually Oh Sun-jin? Why Lotte Dreaming of Fall Baseball gave up on ’25 Other’ prospects

The Lotte Giants announced on Monday that they chose 200 percent (1 billion won) as compensation for Ahn Chi-hong, the FA, instead of players. Hanwha added two pitchers, Lee Sang-gyu and Bae Min-seo, in the second draft, considering that a pitcher will be drafted. As Hanwha predicted, Lotte had paid attention to pitchers. However, it chose compensation instead of players.

It’s not that I’m greedy for compensation. I don’t think the value of the new player that Hanwha will bring in is as high as I thought. As some of the leaders said, “Let’s give chances to the existing Lotte players,” they came to an agreement. This is the result of internal training and confidence in the potential of promising players. “The results were based on a wide range of discussions between the leadership including head coach Park Jun-hyuk and head coach Kim Tae-hyung,” a Lotte official said. 스포츠토토

Another reason was that the second draft took place before the FA compensation player nomination. Through the second draft, Lotte has met its top priority of Ahn Chi-hong’s absence to some extent. Through the second draft, Lotte recruited Oh Sun-jin and Choi Hang, filling in the positions of backup to the first-tier infielders. Both players have ample experience in professional leagues to be deployed.

However, what is coincidental is that Oh Sun-jin’s former team is Hanwha. Oh Sun-jin was selected in the second round of the second draft. The transfer is 300 million won. Ahn Chi-hong signed a six-year FA contract with Hanwha on the 20th and confirmed the transfer. Of these, after the four-year contract of up to 5.5 billion won is over, the remaining two-year maximum of 1.7 billion won is a mutual option that gives both the club and players a choice. It is the same as the 2+2 year maximum contract of 5.6 billion won when Lotte recruited Ahn Chi-hong.

Ahn Chi-hong played in 496 games during his four years with Lotte, recording a batting average of 292 with 40 homers and 257 RBIs with an OPS (on-base plus slugging) of 0.791. Along with Jeon Joon-woo, Ahn is a key player in the team’s batting lineup and has been a leader in the locker room this year as captain. Looking at the direct transaction with Hanwha, Lotte ended up giving up Ahn Chi-hong and receiving 700 million won with Oh Sun-jin.

Lotte is not a team that has a solid farm like this year’s winner, the LG Twins. In the second draft, Lotte was the only team with a physique of 0 among the 10 teams. Ahn Chi-hong’s leak to the FA is apparently a loss. There is a saying that a player is Da-ik-seon. Someday, the team might regret that it would rather have scratched the lottery ticket.

Broadly speaking, however, the number of registered players needs to be managed as well. If there is a vacancy where players can be registered at any time, it will facilitate the management of the team and help manage the morale of players. It is not an easy choice even for a team to transfer or release a registered player to the team. This means that the team trusted Kim Tae-hyung and his coaches in their ability to nurture players. Will such trust turn out to be a good result? Kim Tae-hyung once said that he would advance to the fall baseball league next season.

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