The military dictatorship blocked Maradona, the transfer of the century to England

Diego Maradona, a player who was revered as one of the greatest players in the history of world soccer. He has a rumor about the transfer of the century. It is a rumor that the transfer of the century is always at the top of the list.

Maradona was 17 years old in 1978 when he played for the Argentine Juniors. Sheffield United of England sought to recruit Maradona at the time, when he was drawing attention as a talent of the century. However, he failed in the end. Rumors of a transfer ended in the end. How would the history of world soccer have changed if Maradona had moved to England? It ended with imagination.

Many local media explained the reason like this. Sheffield United gave up Maradona due to the burden of 200,000 pounds (330 million won) in transfer fee. Instead, he claimed that he recruited Alex Sabella for a low fee of 160,000 pounds (66 million won). 온라인경마

In other words, he gave up Maradona because he wanted 40,000 pounds to waste. He missed the best player ever with 40,000 pounds. It means Sheffield United’s mistake of the century.

However, it was argued that the truth was different. Sheffield United insisted that Maradona was neither given up nor made a mistake to save a small amount of money.

Sheffield United and Maradona agreed on the transfer fee in the first place. The manager’s approval was also lost, and Maradona accepted the transfer. All Maradona had to do was go to England. Then suddenly, an incident broke out. An unprecedented event that no one had expected. What is it.

At that time, there was a military coup in Argentina, and the military dictatorship was in control. This military dictatorship blocked Maradona from going to England. The transfer of the century has failed so much. What happened? A historian studying the history of Sheffield United explained as follows.

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