Oh Ji-hwan Fights in Golden Gloves… KIA Park Chan-ho “Isn’t it a matter of mother or father?”

The 2023 season is special for Park Chan-ho, the main shortstop in the Kia Tigers in professional baseball. He accepted the most impressive report card during his long professional career. He played in 130 games and recorded a batting average of 0.301 (136 hits in 452 times at bat), rising to the rank of “303 batters” representing sophistication. He clearly erased the view that his offense is not supportive given his high defense capability.

He got off to a flying start with a monthly batting average of 0.181 in April, but made a perfect comeback. He elevated his batting average to 0.272 in the first half with a hard hit (0.381) in May, and displayed strong performance to post a batting average of 0.342 in the second half. He became the “hundred-thousand-a-half hitter” thanks to his heavy heart. 온라인카지노

“I want to give you 70 to 80 points this season. Unlike me before, I have made progress in many ways. Should I say I played more mature baseball? I felt that for myself,” he said. “I also grew mentally. Maybe because I got older and gained experience, I think I’m gradually growing as a person named Park Chan-ho.”

The reason why he failed to get perfect scores was his injury. He was stopped due to an unexpected hit by a ball in the second game of the double header against KT on Oct. 4. The examination revealed that he had to complete the season with surgery after suffering a crushing fracture of the ulna in his left hand.

“I was really disappointed. I was looking at 150 hits in my heart, but it collapsed in a moment,” he recalled. “I really wanted to play in fall baseball. Even if it’s just one game, it’s a precious experience, but it didn’t work out and I was heartbroken.”

His season has remained spectacular. In the newly established KBO League defense award, he was named as a co-winner with Oh Ji-hwan in the shortstop category, and took part in another award ceremony following the steal king (2019, 2022). “I received an award with a senior that I always saw. I’ve always watched and followed my older brother’s defense, and it’s an honor to be in the same position,” he said with joy.

Coincidentally, the two also have to compete in the Golden Glove shortstop category, which represents the best player in each position. It is the most battleground of this season. “Of course, I want to receive it, but I don’t know what will happen,” Park Chan-ho said. “I think Ji-hwan’s performance was so good and he even won the title. I’m just looking forward to it,” he said with a smile. “My performance is not something that I can’t get, but it’s not something that I should definitely get. I think competition with Ji-hwan is a matter of “Do you like your mom or dad?”

Although it is an award, rehabilitation during the break after surgery is more important for her. “I just removed my pin. I was a little late because the hospital asked me to do it stably because it was off-season. I was already doing muscle training for other parts. I will be fully prepared before the spring camp,” he said.

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