Georgia moves closer to sports betting after bill passes Senate

Georgia faces a referendum on whether to legalize sports betting after the bill passes the Senate. Senate resolution 579 to approve sports betting in Georgia was passed 41-12, which was enough to meet the two-thirds majority needed to amend the state’s constitution through a referendum.

SR579 is led by Senator Bill Kossert, who eventually introduced failed Senate Bill 172 in 2023. However, in largely unchanged form, SR579 looks more likely to eventually get through. 바카라

Earlier in February, Senator Clint Dixon’s Senate Bill 386 was adopted after a 35-15 vote. SB386, which enabled legislation, sought to create a regulatory framework for the state, and was amended to require the support of 38 senators to pass.

According to Kossert’s proposal, 80% of the tax revenue will be attributed to the Lotto’s education fund. 15% will go to public education on problem gambling, and 5% will be donated to the Sports Promotion Fund, which will go to Georgia’s sports “development.”

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