“Any ordeal should be considered a joy, “Your son will overcome it well

This is what Neymar’s father left after hearing about his son’s surgery. The Brazilian Football Association said on the 19th, “As a result of a thorough examination, Neymar was diagnosed with an anterior cruciate ligament and a meniscus in his left knee.” I will soon undergo surgery,” the official announcement said.

Against Uruguay, he was carried off on a stretcher during the game. Neymar played in the fourth match of the 2026 FIFA North and Central American World Cup South American qualifying round against Brazil and Uruguay at the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, Uruguay, the previous day (18th). However, he collapsed holding his knee while competing with his opponent in extra time in the first half. And it didn’t happen in the end.

He was carried off on a stretcher with tears in his eyes as if he knew it was a major injury. To make matters worse, Brazil, without Neymar, lost 0-2 to Uruguay. Ednaldo Rodríguez, president of the Brazilian Football Association, wished Neymar well and well in a statement. The news of his injury also put a red light on Al Hilal. Neymar is difficult to play in the game for the time being, and there is even a prospect of being out for the season out. Al Hilal also wished Neymar well, saying, “I wish him well.” 스포츠토토

Neymar’s father said on his social media account, “Brothers and sisters, you should regard it as a great pleasure no matter what kind of ordeal you encounter. It means that there is an opportunity for strong patience. Then, it will be complete without any shortage anymore,” he said. “I believe (my son) will overcome this ordeal and deliver his joy on the soccer field soon,” he said, cheering Neymar’s recovery.

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