Lampard knew how bad that FW was…are you watching Tottenham?

English Premier League (EPL) Tottenham striker Timo Werner is the subject of controversy. 

Werner was brought in on loan from Leipzig to bolster Spurs’ offense, but he’s been more of a disappointment. Not only has he failed to add much to the team, but he has done more harm than good by missing crucial chances. 

This has led to some of the biggest criticisms of Werner ever. Aston Villa legend Gabriel Agbonlahor said, “Werner should be relegated to the Tottenham bench. If Tottenham want to move forward, they shouldn’t be starting Werner. They shouldn’t be starting in the EPL.”

And striker Jay Bosroyd, who previously played for Wolverhampton, Cardiff City and Queens Park Rangers, added: “I’m sorry, but you have to be critical of Werner. He missed a lot of good chances. If he hadn’t missed those chances, Tottenham could have changed the game. To put it bluntly, Werner is the worst player in the EPL. I’m sure of this. So I can say this. Werner is also the player with the worst technique in England. He doesn’t pass the ball well, and always kicks the ball hard across the face of goal. Werner is a poor finisher. Werner is a poor passer,” he criticized. 

Tottenham senior Jamie O’Hara added: “Werner is not good enough to play for Tottenham. When Werner first came to Spurs, we had high hopes for him. He was a fixer for a certain period of time. But he’s not the player to play for Tottenham. Tottenham need someone of a higher level,” he emphasized. 

Werner joined Spurs on loan with a permanent transfer clause inserted. Spurs can buy Werner outright for a fee of £14.5 million ($24.5 million). Amidst the controversy, Werner is still waiting for a decision from Spurs manager Enze Postecoglou.

However, there was one legend who knew Werner was a terrible striker. That”s Chelsea legend Frank Lampard. 

Werner moved to Chelsea from Leipzig in 2020. He also failed at Chelsea. In two 먹튀검증 seasons, Werner only scored 10 goals in 56 league games. Six goals in his first season and four in his second. With Chelsea stamped with failure, Werner returned to Leipzig in 2022. 

The story was revealed by the UK’s Mirror. ”When Lampard was Chelsea manager, he did not have complete control over player recruitment. Player signings and transfers were monopolized by Chelsea’s number two, Marina Granovskaia. The relationship between Lampard and Granovskaia deteriorated, and this played a role in his downfall. One of the players Lampard never wanted was Werner, and Granovskaia signed him against his wishes,” the report said. 

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