Growing Interest in Problem Gambling in the Netherlands

Earlier this month, the Christian Democratic Appeals Party (CDA)’s Derk Boswijk filed a motion to ban gambling advertising altogether in the Netherlands. While the move to go further than the 2023 no-target ad ban eventually failed, the proposal was the latest indicator of growing concerns about gambling damage in the Netherlands.

In December, the Dutch legal protection minister, Franck Weerwind, announced a measure he hopes will protect players from problem gambling. 온라인경마

Weirwind’s actions include requiring providers to contact players who have set a deposit limit of 350 euros (£303/$386). Operators should inform such players of the risks of such a large amount of gambling.

The KSA’s consultation on updating the accountability game policy rules ended in early February. The goal is to announce the new rules in April.

In October, Weirwind also announced a multi-year digital resilience campaign program to combat fraud related to online gambling.

But the industry hit back at some of Weirwind’s proposals. Peter-Paul de Goeij, president of the Dutch Online Gambling Association (NOGA), warned Weirwind that his plans could make him appear “unattractive.”

In a letter from Weerwind, Dutch online game provider (VNLOK) president Helma Lodders highlighted two areas that need to be reviewed.

“Firstly, the measures imposed are actually effective in keeping the number of problematic players as low as possible,” Rodgers explained.

“Second, the legal offer is attractive enough for the vast majority of players who engage in a responsible manner. The latter is important in preventing them from returning to illicit supply.”

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