‘Year of the Dragon’ Kim Gwang-hyun begins Okinawa mini camp with SSG junior pitchers

Kim Gwang-hyun (35, SSG Landers), who is aiming for a rebound in the Year of the Dragon, is holding an ‘Okinawa Mini Camp’ with junior pitchers.On the 3rd, Kim Gwang-hyun left for Okinawa, Japan with SSG juniors Lee Roun (19), Shin Heon-min (21), Baek Seung-geon (23), Oh Won-seok (22), and Lee Ki-sun (20).A total of six SSG pitchers plan to continue training until the 21st.Last year’s ‘Okinawa Mini Camp’ consisted of five left-handed pitchers, but this year, right-handed pitchers Lee Ro-woon and Shin Heon-min joined.

In an interview with Yonhap News before leaving the country, Gwang-Hyun Kim said, “This time, I told my juniors to ‘choose a training member.'” He continued, “In January last year, there were 5 players including me, so the ‘catch ball partner’ pairing did not match. This year, the pitcher “I expect that the training will be more effective because there are six people,” he said. Gwang-Hyeon Kim said, “No matter how comfortable you are, a senior who is over 10 years older than you can be a burden, but I am grateful just for training with me.” He added, “I was from the generation that trained according to the program set by the leaders. The juniors took care of their bodies and trained. “I also make a schedule. I actually learn from watching my juniors like this,” he emphasized.However, like last year, Gwang-Hyun Kim supports the juniors’ lodging expenses this year as well.Each person pays their own airfare, but Kim Gwang-hyun decided to take responsibility for his juniors’ stay expenses, including lodging and meals.Along with Kim Kwang-hyun, a former member of the big league, the juniors who receive 무료슬롯게임 financial support and train during their inactivity repeatedly bow their heads and say, “Thank you very much.”

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