Samsung Lions likely to bid farewell to Buchanan A new foreign contract is imminent.

 Professional baseball Samsung Lions appears to be parting ways with foreign pitcher David Buchanan (34).Samsung recently presented the final contract terms to Buchanan, but Buchanan did not respond.A Samsung official said in a phone call on the 3rd, “It seems difficult to sign a contract with Buchanan,” and added, “We may soon announce a contract with a new foreign player.”An official added, “We need to start training for spring training starting next month. Now is the time to move. It’s very unfortunate that the possibility of signing Buchanan has decreased, but we can’t just wait.” Right-handed pitcher Buchanan is an ace who played for Samsung from the 2020 season to last season.He won more than 10 games every season, and in the 2023 season, he played the role of an ace with 12 wins, 8 losses, and an average ERA of 2.54.Samsung early on decided on a policy to renew Buchanan’s contract.However, when negotiations began, there was a significant difference in positions.Buchanan wanted the highest level of treatment along with a multi-year contract.

Samsung made a concession in exchange for a guaranteed two-year contract, but did not narrow its position on the total contract amount.A Samsung official said, “It was difficult to compromise the terms of the contract due to the salary cap issue for foreign players.”We also had to consider the case where Buchanan fell due to injury in the first year of the contract.In the end, Samsung presented the final contract terms at a reasonable level, and a contract was not reached.Samsung also closely looked into new foreign pitchers while negotiating with Buchanan.An official said, “We don’t have many excellent resources, but there is a player we have our eye on.”If Samsung recruits a new face, all foreign players who played in the 2023 season will be replaced.Samsung recently parted ways with foreign hitter Jose Pirella and signed a new foreign hitter, David McKinnon, for $1 million.In addition, foreign pitcher Taylor Widener was removed from the pending player list and new 카지노사이트킹 foreign pitcher Connor Siebold was signed for $1 million.

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