Manchester City agreed on the date of the trial of the century… Pep’s complaint guilty inevitable cut in rare points

Britain’s Daily Mail reported on the 30th (Korea time) that the Premier League and Manchester City have agreed on a date to face off at the biggest hearing in football history. The Premier League, which has investigated Manchester City’s alleged violation of fiscal regulations since 2018, charged it with 115 violations in February.

The Premier League and Manchester City finally agreed on a date. The private trial begins in fall 2024. With a long dispute scheduled, the conclusion is not expected to end until the end of next season, when Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola’s contract ends. 안전놀이터

In the meantime, the hearing process continues in secret. It is known that the hearing process is in the process of listening to eyewitness statements. This is expected to continue until next spring.

The most important of the violations are the alleged excessive financial reporting and the refusal to cooperate with the Premier League’s investigation. Manchester City has strongly denied any wrongdoing.

The results of the trial are expected to come out in the summer of 2025. However, the process may be delayed further. If Manchester City is convicted of violations, it is likely to face unprecedented point cuts

There is precedent. Everton were charged with violating financial regulations in March, a month after Manchester City.

Everton were given a 10-point cut by the Premier League for violating only one financial fair play rule. Currently, the team has appealed.

Guardiola recently complained that everyone outside wanted themselves punished. “Until proven guilty, we are innocent. Of course, I know that people want us punished. I can feel that. I will wait and see, and I will explain after I reach a final conclusion.”

Guardiola stressed that if Manchester City, which left his contract period, is demoted, he will remain at the club. “I will not consider my future whether I stay here or fall to the third division (League 1). If we are in the third division, we are more likely to stay than when we were in the Champions League,” he sarcastically said.

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