Wynn Sportsbook in a frenzy with new TV shows and a special 900-seat venue for fans

He’ll have a crazy time and the action will be quick and intense for the next three weeks or more. But John Avello wouldn’t want it any other way. After all, there’s a reason they call it March Madness.

“I’ve been in the sportsbook business for 22 years and not a single day has I looked at the clock wondering if it’s time to go home,” says Win Las Vegas director of sports and racing. “Usually the day goes by so fast that I can’t even think about how long I’ve been here. And it certainly will be the case in the weeks ahead.”

Of course, Avelo refers to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, played Thursday morning for 64 teams to make the Final Four in Detroit on the first weekend of April. This week will be especially busy in sportsbooks across the city, as there will be 48 NCAA games played Thursday through Sunday. About $80 million to $90 million could be bet in Nevada during the entire tournament.

Abello says his biggest challenge for the March Madness is to accommodate all the customers flooding his sportsbook. To that end, Wynn is trying something new this year by creating a makeshift sportsbook in one of the hotel’s convention rooms. In the center of the room is a stand with four giant televisions, allowing you to see action at any point. There are also 16 other big-screen TVs and restaurants, bar services and crab, and blackjack tables. 안전 토토사이트

“Our sportsbook has 200 seats and it can be filled up pretty quickly,” Avello explained. “This room can hold 900 seats. It’s a tremendous composition and it will allow us to accommodate a large crowd that we typically deal with.”

WIN is offering “Get Your Game On” packages, including one resort room with two-person accommodation starting at $199 per night, guaranteed casino ballroom seating, and free food and beverage during the game.

“It’s unquestionably exciting,” says 56-year-old Avello. “I really enjoy it. Like any big event, there’s a real rush and something big happening when you’re working in this business. That’s what makes it fun.”

Adding to the excitement for the upcoming competition at Wynn Race and Sports Book is the fact that they are hosting a new TV program called Survival and Forward, hosted by Billy Packer, a former CBS college basketball announcer. The program, which will air on Mar. 22 and 29 and Apr. 3 and 5, is being recorded inside the VIP section of the sportsbook. Packer’s co-host is Bobby Knight, a fellow basketball Hall of Fame member and the winningest coach in Division I history.

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