“It’s not in the script. Let’s stop it”. The KBO Golden Glove Awards

At the COEX Auditorium in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on the 11th, the “2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Golden Glove” awards ceremony was held. At the ceremony, the winners of the honor were as witty as the contestants.

First of all, gossip between former KIA manager Kim Sung-han and Lotte coach Ko Young-min, the main player of the Haitai Dynasty, made the audience laugh. On this day, they first called Austin Dean of LG as the winner of the first base, and then announced the winner of the second base, showing “fantastic chemistry.”

Kim opened the door first. When Kim said, “The second baseman’s division is very competitive,” the coach looked perplexed and warned, “You can’t say it when it’s not in the script.”

When former coach Kim complained, “Isn’t it boring if you just do what’s in the script?” Coach Koh responded, “Do you know it’s a live broadcast?” In a pinzan that means the broadcast time has been set, former coach Kim sneaked over, saying, “Professional baseball players are used to live broadcasting,” adding, “Please announce the winner.” Coach Ko responded with laughter again as he corrected it, “It’s not the winner, but the nominee announcement.”

SBS commentator Lee Soon-cheol and KIA coach Lee Bum-ho took over the baton. The two presenters who won the shortstop and third baseman categories were as good as Kim and Ko.

Lee first said, “Didn’t coach Lee, who mainly played third baseman, also play shortstop first?” Coach Lee said, “I played shortstop, a position I shouldn’t play, and if I didn’t, I would have played longer.”

When Lee asked, “I also played third baseman and outfielder, do you have any questions about this?” Coach Lee then looked awkward, saying, “You said something that was not in the script.” Later, when Lee asked, “Is there any shortstop that Lee has noticed while commenting?” Lee replied, “NC Kim Joo-won and KIA Park Chan-ho are growing the fastest.” When Lee said, “I’m grateful for mentioning the KIA player,” Lee said, “It’s not because it’s KIA.” 스포츠토토

However, the winner in the shortstop category was LG Oh Ji-hwan. After receiving recognition for his contribution to LG’s overall win in 29 years, Oh received a bouquet of flowers from his sons. After delivering the bouquet to his father, the young son burst into tears as he returned to the podium, and burst into laughter in the audience.

KBS commentator Park Yong-taek and Lee Dae-ho, who are active in broadcasting, were also second to none. “I have been a YouTuber lately, and I have reached 1 million views, threatening the ecosystem,” Park said to Lee. “When I asked Oh Ji-hwan who I respect on the show not too long ago, I thought he would mention Park Yong-taek, but he answered me. How are you thinking?” Park hurriedly changed the atmosphere, saying, “Let’s see the candidate.”

Park made people laugh again when he announced the winner of the outfielder. He misrepresented Park Kun-woo of NC Dinosaurs as Park Min-woo, but hurriedly corrected himself by saying, “Park Gun-woo is the player.” Before the announcement of the designated hitter’s winner, however, Park made up for the mistake by drawing applause from fans by saying, “Designated hitter must live with one bat as he gets older and loses his defensive position,” adding, “I applaud veteran when he can take off his uniform.”

Son Ah-seop of NC Dinosaurs won the grand prize at the ceremony. He recorded 150 hits for the first eight consecutive years in the KBO league, as well as golden gloves, which topped the batting average (3339) and hits (187).

“Noh Si-hwan, the winner of the third baseman’s category, made it too long,” Son said. “While preparing for the season, I desperately thought there would be no one behind me, and the results were great. I will attend this event at the top of my list next year.” Noh, who topped this year’s home run (31) and RBI (101), said, “My nephew is so pretty that I will take care of whom I am meeting,” threatening, “Don’t meet anyone.”

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