Club president punches umpire as draw ends… Shock incident in Turkey

The British media “Daily Mail” reported on the 12th (Korea Standard Time), “President Ankara Gwizi rushed to the stadium and punched the referee in the face when the team drew against Tsaikur Riespor.”

Ankara Guizi, a member of Turkiye’s top division, drew 1-1 against Riespor on the 12th when it scored an equalizer in the second half of the Schiffer League’s 15th round home game in the 2023/24 season.

Ankara Guizi was close to winning the game by securing the first goal scored in the 14th minute of the first half, but allowed a dramatic equalizer in the 97th minute of the second half to miss the victory. The draw kept Ankara Guizi in 11th place in the league, while Rzespor, who made a dramatic draw, also maintained 8th place.

When he lost three points in front of him, President Farooq Coza of Ankara Guizhou came down to the ground and ran towards the referee while watching the game in the stands. He made a big fuss when he punched the referee in the eye. 슬롯머신

The media said, “After the whistle at the end of the game, the referee encountered President Farooq Koza, who was visibly angry,” adding, “I was caught on camera by the hateful scene where he punched the referee.”

“The referee who fell on the floor tried to protect his face, but he was kicked by at least two people,” he said, adding, “Many players, coaching staff and bodyguards quickly ran to the scene to prevent the attack, and the referee’s eyes looked swollen.”

According to Turkiye’s Interior Minister Ali Yerikaya, the perpetrator, Koja, is currently being treated at a hospital under security forces supervision, and detention proceedings will proceed as soon as treatment is completed.

The Turkiye Football Federation decided to hold an extraordinary meeting as the shocking incident occurred. “We are following up on this sad case,” said Turkiye’s justice minister, Yilmaz Tunk, who announced that Ankara’s ligation was identifying the suspect and that a judicial investigation has begun on those responsible for the incident.

Turkiye Youth Sports Minister Ousmane Askin Park said on social media, “We strongly condemn the attack on the referee after the game,” adding, “We don’t want to see scenes that don’t fit the spirit of sports and Turkiye football on the field.”

Mehmet Umut Nair, a member of Turkiye’s national soccer team who currently plays for Fenerbahce, also joined the criticism on SNS, saying, “No matter what you say or do to the referee, the mindset that you think is right surrounds us,” adding, “You have destroyed the most vulnerable element in soccer due to the pressure you are under every day.”

“You passed the burden of failure on to the referee. It’s a shame,” he said, adding, “I’m ashamed of the situation you inflicted on us at the time.” He criticized Koza’s assault on the referee.

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