WSOP Europe’s main event is on day three

A total of 191 players have one common goal, with the third day of the 10,350-euro World Series Poker European Main Event beginning at noon local time. Only 123 players will leave the King’s Casino in Rosbardov with payday, and the unlucky 68 players will get this far through a record 817 stadiums but leave with nothing.

Keneshka Kabir led the way with 1,600,000, followed by Andrea Radicchi (1502,000) and Alexander Tkatschew (1277,000). Tkatche ended in third place in 2021, and deep learning in the stock is not the first. Max Neugebauer (118,000) and Day OneB chip leader Levan Rcheulishvili (117,000) rounded out the top five.

The rest of the leaderboard is littered with celebrities, including two players who know what it’s like to wear a gold bracelet at the end. In 2013, 19-year-old Adrian Mateos burst into poker when he grabbed the title. Ten years later, and Mateos is threatening another success, taking 885,000 on day three. Then there’s defending champion Omar Eljach, who has a chance to achieve his last accomplishment and win back-to-back WSOP main events when he returns with a stack of 663,000. 슬롯머신

Other notable figures still involved in the hunt include Leon Sturm (1.03 million), Andras Nemeth (967,000), Julian Bogdanov (924,000), Maria Rampropoulos (888,000), Alex Keating (701,000), and online legend Viktor Blom (700,000). Behind them are Francisco Benitez (686,000), Dario Sammartino (681,000), 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Champion Stojan Madangyev (672,000), and Michael Loco (666,000).

Some of the players who made it to the final a year ago made it to the third day. Jonathan Pastore, who finished runner-up to El Zach, has 600,000 people, while Armin Rezaay (722,000), Paul Kovaciu (614,000), and Vladas Tama Southcas (2.21 million) are still alive. Anthony Chang (548,000), Axel Halay (510,000), Aliaksandr Shylko (492,000), Giant Champion Ermano DiNicola (472,000), Vivian Saliba (415,000), Daniel Rezaay (405,000), Nacho Barbero (367,000), Mani Roeser (348,000), and Tobias Peters (342,000) will return for Day 3. Meanwhile, Stephen Chidwick (245,000), Timothy Adams (237,000), and 2021 runner-up Johan Gilbert (146,000) are near the bottom of the leaderboard.

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