OKTO.CASH Approved by Germany’s Gaming Regulator

OKTO, OKTO’s cash-digital payment method.CASH has been approved by GGL and is officially recognized as an approved payment method for iGaming Germany. This important milestone is that iGaming merchants in the German market are OKTO.Leverage CASH’s unique advantages to differentiate itself from competitors and provide customers with an unparalleled payment experience.

GGL OKTO.CASH approval followed a rigorous evaluation process, during which three other operators submitted applications to take advantage of this innovative payment method. OKTO.CASH has emerged as a preferred choice for operators looking to improve their payment services.

Now the operator is OKTO.You can leverage CASH branded solutions or choose a white label version to provide flexibility to meet your specific customer base and brand identity.

OKTO’s German director Mikhail Obzepian said: “We are delighted to have been approved by GGL.” “OKTO.CASH is an innovative payment method for the German market that allows direct real-time cash backup to iGaming accounts in a broad network of points of sale (POS). This is a game-changer for the industry, as there are currently no comparable solutions available.” 온라인경마

OKTO has established a fast-expanding network of POS locations in Germany that will include over 40,000 selling points, including supermarket chains, kiosks, gas stations, and potentially German post offices. This strategic emphasis on proximity is an OKTO for the customer.It ensures convenient access to CASH, thus opening up new opportunities for customer acquisition and revenue generation that traditional payment methods have not been able to reach.

OKTO.One of the key differentiators of CASH is the seamless payment journey, which is complemented by a built-in eVoucher payment approach that improves the customer’s payment experience to the best-in-class standards. This innovation reduces consumer abandonment rates because cash payments significantly reduce friction and increase conversion rates.

OKTO as Germany’s iGaming industry continues to develop.CASH is at the forefront of payment technology, providing operators with a competitive advantage and providing customers with convenient and efficient payment solutions. GGL’s approval highlights the importance of innovation and customer-focused solutions in the rapidly growing iGaming market.

OKTO.With CASH, businesses can expect a unique customer segment that values the convenience and reliability of cash-based payments as well as differentiating themselves from competitors.

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