The future of the Korean Archery is bright!

In the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Archery Recurve Women’s Individual Final held at the Archery Center in Hangzhou, China on the morning of the 7th, Lee Si-hyun (20, Korea National University) won the gold medal by beating his colleague Ansan (22, Gwangju Women’s University) 6-0 with a set point.

Lee Jung-hyun became the main character of the three-time Asian Games champion for the first time in 37 years. Ansan added a silver medal following the team gold.

It was a match between Ansan, the “rising youngest,” and Lee Joong-hyun, who won three gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics. Ansan won three gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, sweeping individual and team events as well as mixed events. Ansan, who had short hair and an expressionless face, emerged as a new star in the archery world. 스포츠토토

The Korean Archery is constantly excavated with stars. In the Hangzhou Asian Games, two-year-old Lee Si-hyun has emerged as a new star. Lee, a pretty-looking idol, won two gold medals for his decisive performance in winning gold medals in mixed and team events. Ansan also praised the youngest’s performance, saying, “Lee Ki-hyun shoots coolly.”

They are close colleagues, but they have not given up an inch for the gold medal. Ansan was shaken by shooting eight points in the first set. Lee didn’t miss the opportunity and shot 29 points to win two points first.

Ansan scored eight points twice in the second set, completely losing the game with 26 points. Lee Jung-hyun shot twice for 10 points and also shot 29 points. It was the moment when the colors of the medals changed.

Lee Jung-hyun had a stable performance by shooting 29 points in the third set. Ansan, which put down the pressure, also finished the tournament by shooting 10 points from the last shot. When the victory was confirmed, Lee Jung-hyun smiled broadly only then. Only then was I able to get out of the pressure of competing with my colleague and Olympic champion.

Both Lee and Ansan are young players in their early 20s. Ansan, which won three Olympic gold medals, also did not guarantee a victory in the match against Lee Si-hyun. As such, there are so many players who are deep and good at the base of the Korean archery.

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