Will the captain’s responsibility for 4.7 billion fuel Lotte’s transformation?

Will the captain’s responsibility for 4.7 billion fuel Lotte’s transformation?

“The seniors need to step up and lead the team together.”

The Lotte Giants signaled a new beginning with the appointment of manager Kim Tae-hyung and the appointment of Park Joon-hyuk, adding to their ambition to create a culture unique to Lotte. Last year’s decision to retain franchise star Jeon Jun-woo, 38, on a four-year, 4.7 billion won contract was an extension of that culture.

“I don’t think a player like Jeon should be approached as a business concept,” Park Joon-hyuk said of the overpayment controversy when he signed Jeon, explaining, “A one-club man shouldn’t be just a player. I saw him join the team and watched him grow, so I told him, ‘Play until you can play and go to training. Instead, I told him, ‘Let’s go and take a path that will allow you to dedicate yourself to the team, whether it’s the front desk or the coach,'” he said.

“I don’t think it’s a four-year contract. I told him, ‘You have a lot of work to do at Lotte,'” he said. “The coach will set the foundation for the team. And the players have to create the culture and tradition of the locker room. I’m hoping Jeon Jun-woo can do that. We talked about creating that culture together.” Joon-woo was once again the captain of the team in 2021-2022. Coach Kim Tae-hyung didn’t hesitate to name him captain when he stayed. Joon-woo has taken on the responsibility again and is making moves.카지노사이트 A player-centered culture, rather than a club-centered culture, is blossoming again. Joon-woo is working with the other seniors on the team to solidify the team’s discipline and create a culture.

Head coach Kim Tae-hyung and general manager Park Joon-hyuk are ordering the roles of the seniors,

Including Jeon Jun-woo. Even during spring training, the senior lineup, including Jeon Jun-woo, had dinner with head coach Kim Tae-hyung and manager Park Joon-hyuk to discuss Lotte’s present and future.

“The seniors need to step up and lead the younger players,” says Jeon. “There are a lot of senior players from other teams, so I talked to them separately and said, ‘Let’s do well together this year,'” he said, adding, “I think it creates a sense of unity, and we all feel like we should do it together.

Jung Hoon added, “The new coach or manager came and talked to the seniors and explained the roles of the seniors clearly, so (Jeon) Junwoo is also moving, and (Kim) Sangsoo, (Kim) Minseong, and (Noh) Jinhyuk are all moving together, so I think they look cohesive.”

Kim Sang-soo also said, “I’ve traveled around a lot of teams, and I realized that if the seniors work well together, the team can go in the right direction and become a strong team. If the seniors work well together, the younger guys will feel, ‘Our team will be stronger if we work together like that,’ and the team will be more cohesive if we have that kind of teamwork.” “I think Lotte should also create such a team culture, so I talked a lot with (former) Junwoo. We talked a lot about our direction and what kind of environment we’re going to help the juniors play baseball well,” he explained.

The younger players have also been inspired by the seniors.

“The seniors are working hard in training, so we have no choice but to follow suit,” says Yoon Dong-hee. It’s the same feeling that if the seniors are moving, we should follow suit. I think we have to go one step further than our seniors to make the team run well.”

Kim Min-seok added, “I think we’ve become a more tense team. Even though we are shouting for the team, the seniors create an atmosphere that makes us feel like we are more like, ‘Ugh,’ and we seem to follow that atmosphere well.”

Kim’s charisma on the spring training field is one of the things that gets the players moving. Kim doesn’t say much to his players, but he does constantly ask for confidence and momentum.

Joon-woo Jeon’s role is to translate this to the players in the middle and create a culture. “I think it’s scary to be a coach, but if you play your baseball and do your job, he doesn’t say that,” he says, “but he keeps telling us not to get caught up in the momentum. He tells me to go into the field with the confidence that I can win because if I let the momentum get the better of me, I’ll lose, and I think that message changes the players’ thinking.”

“It’s not a forced atmosphere, it’s voluntary, and I think they’ve developed a lot of competitive spirit, and there’s a synergy with each other. I think the players are trying to do better, and they’re trying a lot. No matter what anyone says, everyone is trying so hard.”

Jeon Jun-woo, who joined the team in 2008, will finish his career as a Lotte One Clubman.

As the most senior player and captain, he wants to eventually move up the ranks with coach Kim Tae-hyung. As such, he is taking on the responsibility of rebuilding the team’s atmosphere.

“We have a new coach and our ranking has been too low for a few years, so we need to move up. Now I’m trying to change the players’ perception from the ground up. We talk a lot about building a team that can put pressure on opponents from the start, not a team that just sags,” he said. “If we fix our thinking and change it from now on, we can naturally move up.”

“When a good manager comes in and you want to play baseball for a long time, 토토사이트 추천 it’s important to change the perception of the players. “The manager said in an interview that he wants to be in the top five this year and win the championship in three years,” he said, “so it will be different if we play baseball with the idea that we have to win, rather than thinking, ‘This is enough. He gave us a direction. I think the players feel it too,” he said encouragingly.

He emphasized that the players, led by coach Kim Tae-hyung, will now be able to see a single goal. And centered on captain Jeon Jun-woo, the senior lineup of Jeong Hoon Kim Sang-soo, Kim Min-sung, No Jin-hyuk, Yoo Kang-nam, Koo Seung-min, and Kim Won-joong are taking on more responsibility and looking at the same goal.

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