Rookie of the Year or not?

Rookie of the Year or not. The big rookie pitcher trusted by SSG Landers is about to enter the race.

SSG’s 2023 first-round draft pick.

The right-hander pitched full-time for the first team in his rookie season last year. Aside from one trip to the second team for about 10 days at the beginning of the season, he was never out of the lineup from the opening game to the end. The first-round rookie was named to the first-team spring training roster as a checkup, and he impressed the coaching staff right out of the gate. Described as “better than expected,” his time with the first-team squad grew, and he earned a spot on the opening roster after a series of practices and exhibition games.

As a result, he played full-time with the first team in his rookie season, even taking on a key bullpen role.

His performance wasn’t spectacular. In 50 appearances out of the bullpen, he went 6-1 with a 5.62 ERA in five starts. He gave up too many runs, 안전놀이터 but his strikeouts (52) outnumbered his walks (29) by nearly two to one. However, he gave up a lot of runs in a single outing and had a lot of ups and downs depending on the situation.

Kim Won-hyung and the coaching staff saw the benefits. Many times, they wondered. “With this performance and this ERA, it’s actually a shame that he’s in the first team,” he said, but he also said, “He has good qualities. I want to keep giving him a chance.” And so he did, gaining invaluable experience in the first team as soon as he made his professional debut.

His average fastball velocity last year was 147.4 kilometers. It ranked first overall among SSG’s domestic pitchers.

This was a significant result against strong seniors and strong competition. He throws a heavy ball.

Lee’s continued growth will be crucial this year. New head coach Lee Sung-yong and pitching coach Bae Young-soo are keeping a close eye on him. Last year showed promise, but in his second year, he needs to step up his game. “Overall, it’s good. We have quite a few fireballers on the team, and Lee is a good pitcher. I try to trust the veterans and give the younger players some training. The most important thing for a young player like him is to establish his routine,” he emphasized.

Good prospects tend to show more improvement in their second and third years than in their debut season. This is because they have the talent to take what they’ve learned in the pros and the trial and error and make it their own.

Iroun is well aware of the importance of this season. “Last year, I had too many ups and downs. We have to try to reduce them. 카지노사이트 추천 “Last year, I went in with the feeling of just opening up the possibilities, but this year, I feel like I have to be sure I’m in the right place. I have to be good to get a more important position. I want to make that happen,” he said.

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