Wazdan Launches Ultra-Light Series With Burning Sun

Game provider Wazdan has released a new ultra-light collection with a modified version of Burning Sun, one of the most played slots.

The developer’s new Extreme Light portfolio is re-released with popular titles simplified graphics and animation, perfect for all mobile devices. The game also consumes less energy and loads 2.5 times faster, making it greener and longer to play. 온라인경마

Burning Sun and 9 Coin are the first releases of Wazdan’s Extreme Light series, and the company is expected to simplify many of its popular games in the near future.

The slot retains all original functions, including Hold the Jackpot, which is triggered when more than six bonus symbols appear in the spin. Players can earn cash immediately during that feature, with a total of 16 bonus symbols equal to 5,000 times the total bet after all landing on the reel.

The innovative feature of Sticky to Infinity also returns, which sees mystery and jackpot mystery symbols stuck on the reel until the end of the game’s bonus round.

Like its predecessor, the Burning Sun Extreme Light is equipped with Wazdan’s advanced customized suit, Freedom of Choice, giving players additional options for customization, including a volatility level for fast gameplay and the famous ultrafast mode.

“We are excited to launch our Extreme Light series, with our most beloved games being revamped to make them much more accessible to players around the world,” said Andrei Haila, chief commercial officer of Wazdan. “Burning Sun is a fantastic first choice to mark the launch of our new collection, and player favorites like Hold the Jackpot and Sticky to Infinity are still in the Extreme Light version. We are excited to present it to the players and want to see the reaction!”

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