Buried with a grand slam, poured out eight pitchers and suffered a crushing defeat…The shoulders of 21-year-old KIA Tigers are heavy

KIA lost 6-8 against Doosan in Gwangju on the 15th. It was a fierce battle to the point where there were three tieings, but closer Jung Hae-young, who was believed to have a good pace recently in the top of the ninth inning, had to give up the game with only one hit, three outs, and two runs in ⅓ innings. In addition to Jung Hae-young, Kim Dae-yu, Lim Ki-young, Choi Ji-min, Jeon Sang-hyun, and Jang Hyun-sik took out all the must-win cards, but the disappointment doubled. Including starter Yoon Young-chul and second pitcher Kim Jae-yeol, there are eight pitchers who took the mound on the day. It was an all-out war that hurt a lot.

Lee Woo-sung’s first grand slam was buried coldly because the mound collapsed. Lee Woo-sung hit a come-from-behind grand slam in the bottom of the fourth inning, trailing 1-2. Doosan starter Brandon Waddell hit a right-handed double by leadoff hitter Na Sung-bum and sent Choi Hyung-woo and Kim Sun-bin out with walks and hits, respectively, shaking greatly. Lee Woo-sung did not miss a golden opportunity with no outs and bases loaded. At the ball count of 2-2, the seventh slider flocked to the center and flew over the fence.

Thanks to Lee Woo-sung’s grand slam, the atmosphere of the KIA bench, which turned the game around 5-2 was hot. With starter Yoon Young-chul going down the mound with two runs in 3⅔3 innings, it was understandable because he hit a heavy shot to Doosan’s second starter Brandon. In fact, Brandon, who failed to overcome the internal injury of the grand slam, collapsed with six runs (four earned runs) in 4 2⅔ innings and was substituted early. 온라인카지노

However, the KIA mound did not have the power to keep the three-point lead. The process of Kim Jae-yeol allowing three runs was the most painful. After one out in the top of the fifth inning, Yang Eui-ji hit a left-handed hit and gave Kim Jae-hwan a walk, failing to prevent first baseman Yang Eui-ji from running past second base to third base at all. When Yang Eui-ji attempted to steal second base, a walk was declared and became an automatic advance, not a steal, but Yang Eui-ji, who found a loophole that left third base as KIA infielders shifted defense, ran to third base without slowing down to complete the steal. Kim Jae-yeol collapsed when he was hit by Kang Seung-ho with a two-run triple in the right-center and allowed the next batter Huh Kyung-min to hit a timely hit.

Thanks to Kim Sun-bin’s timely hit, the bullpen continued to shake even after barely taking a 6-5 lead. Choi Ji-min was hit by pinch hitter Park Joon-young in the top of the eighth inning, and Jung Hae-young gave Kim In-tae and Park Joon-young a series of walks in a bases-loaded crisis made by himself in the top of the ninth inning to lose 6-8. The result is also the result, but the losing process itself was bad. This is why the three consecutive losses are more bitter.

With the loss, KIA recorded 60 wins, 55 losses, and 2 draws in the season, falling one step from 4th to 5th place. SSG Landers (62 wins, 56 losses, and 2 draws), who had no game, stayed still and rose to fourth place, 0.5 games ahead of KIA. Doosan, ranked 6th, recorded 62 wins, 57 losses, and 1 draw, eliminating the game gap with KIA and keeping up with SSG by 0.5 games. The ranking remained in sixth place due to the decrease in the winning rate, but it has been on the rise for five consecutive games.

KIA must break the losing streak in the second game of the series against Doosan on the 16th. As the bullpen consumption was high the previous day, it is important for starting pitcher Hwang Dong-ha to endure as long innings as possible. If Hwang Dong-ha comes down from the mound early, Kim Ki-hoon will be on standby as a long relief.

KIA manager Kim Jong-kook said ahead of the game on the 15th, “We have to do it only with domestic players. In particular, young players will go out today (15th) and tomorrow. I hope you don’t feel pressured. It should be seen that Kim Ki-hoon will be behind starting pitcher Hwang Dong-ha tomorrow. “If (Hwang) Dong-ha throws five innings like last time, he may go with another must-win group,” he said, expecting Hwang Dong-ha’s good pitching.

After graduating from Impression High School, Hwang Dong-ha joined KIA in the seventh round of the second round of the 2022 rookie draft. In his second year as a professional, he made his debut in the first division this year, recording two losses, 21⅓ innings, and a 5.06 ERA in 10 games. He has consistently received starting classes in the second division, and has recently been on an alternative starting pitcher mission in the first division. The fastball speed is not fast at the mid-140km/h, but it gives the impression that he is aggressive due to his good control and fast pitching tempo.

In both of the last two games, he took the mound until the fifth inning and pitched better than expected. In the Daegu Samsung Lions match on the 20th of last month, he scored three runs in 4 2⅔ innings despite the rain delay, and in the first game of the doubleheader against the LG Twins in Gwangju on the 9th, he scored two runs in 4⅓ innings, setting the stage for three consecutive wins.

Doosan, which has chased to the bottom of its chin, is planning to rush even scarier. As a starting pitcher on the 16th, he will send out ace Raul Alcanta, who won 12 games this year. Considering the weight of the starting pitcher alone, it is a landslide victory for Doosan. Alcantara has been strong with two wins, 18 innings and a 0.50 ERA in three appearances against KIA this year.

But no one can guarantee baseball. On the 15th, Brandon was far ahead of Yoon Young-chul in terms of the starting pitcher’s weight, but both collapsed early, leading to a bullpen fight. If 21-year-old Young-gun Hwang Dong-ha only plays a brave pitch that does not fall behind Alcantara, the flow of the game may be different. His shoulders may be heavy, but will Hwang Dong-ha be able to save KIA, who is on the verge of escaping the top five by throwing his own ball as ordered by head coach Kim.

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