Vietnamese fans’ anger at ‘I miss Ssaldink’, ‘Trussie is ruining Park Hang-seo’s masterpiece’

The Vietnamese national soccer team (95th in FIFA rankings), led by head coach Philip Trussier, held a friendly match with Jurgen Klinsmann’s South Korea (26th) at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the evening of the 17th, losing 0-6.

Klinsmann, who previously sounded a 4-0 victory over Tunisia at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th, won two consecutive A matches in October. Starting with a 1-0 victory over Saudi Arabia in September, South Korea has won three consecutive games.

On the other hand, Vietnam, which lost all three consecutive games during the October A match, experienced a one-level gap. Following 0-2 loss to China and 0-2 loss to Uzbekistan, the team also lost completely to South Korea. 스포츠토토

From Vietnam’s point of view, the game was literally overwhelming. While pursuing the soccer that he occupies, he was overwhelmed in the market share (37 percent in Korea, 63 percent in Korea), and fell behind in all indicators including the number of shots (34 in Korea, five in Vietnam).

The media said, “In 2009, I gave up six goals against China, but I scored one goal and lost 1-6. “I’ve never allowed such a big loss since then, but I was literally overwhelmed,” he expressed regret.

Including the match against Korea, Vietnam is showing severe sluggishness under coach Philip Trussier. He tried to turn the tables in three A matches in October, but he felt only the wall he could not overcome.

Despite this situation, Coach Trussier said, “The result of the game itself is not surprising. It is a process of experimentation through experience,” he said. “It is a team in the process of making it. I fought well,” he said in a general review.

“We were also able to score one or two goals. We just have to be aggressive and score against all the teams,” he said, expressing confidence.

However, public opinion in Vietnam is cold because the results of the game were so disastrous. On top of that, Trussier’s former coach Park Hang-seo visited and encouraged Vietnamese players at the match, which was even hotter.

A Vietnamese fan expressed anger, saying, “He cursed coach Park Hang-seo’s soccer as negative, but he is not even able to play that kind of soccer under Trussier,” adding, “Under Trussier, who has been aggressive, the defense is broken and the goal is worse.”

Most of the Vietnamese fans are showing regret as they compare coach Park Hang-seo and Trussier. Another fan said, “If you look at coach Trusier, he only sits on the bench throughout the game. Rather, coach Park Hang-seo, who supports Vietnam in the stands, was more passionate, he pointed out.

Other Vietnamese fans responded similarly. One fan said, “Losing coach Park Hang-seo is the biggest disaster in Vietnamese soccer history.” Another fan shook his head, saying, “Coach Park Hang-seo had to watch his work (Vietnam national team) destroyed by someone in the stands.”

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