The story behind “Joey Ice Cube”

It was annoying at first. Whenever Joe McKeon, the leader of the main event chip for poker, won on Sunday night, the big man in the eighth row got up and started his solo chant, “JO-EEY ICE CUBE!” which angered opposing fans.

While every other player in the finals table had a decent-sized rail with creative props and closets, McKeon had a band called the Joey Ice Cube Guy.

He was there again Monday night when play resumed at the Rio All-Sweet Hotel & Casino. He left his Philadelphia Eagles baseball cap in his hotel room and wore a Philadelphia Phillies red T-shirt, but the chant lingered, and the fans sitting around him were even more annoyed.

But as the nights continued and the stadium was reduced from six to three, spectators slowly began to have fun with the chants. Jack Eppel, the tournament’s director, alerted the audience to the action, prompting a loud laugh in about 90 minutes of the evening, when he referred to McKeon as a “Joy Ice Cube.” The chants began to capture people, and at least they didn’t quite annoy them.

But where does this nickname come from? Casino City figured it out. 카지노사이트 순위

“People think I say it because he has ice water in his veins, and he does, but that’s not why I call him that,” said Joey Ice Cube Guy, whose real name is Dave Nakarelli.

The story goes back eight years. Naccarelli’s nephew has been close friends with McKehen since he was a little boy, and he calls himself “the uncle adopted by Joe.” When McKehen was 16, he and a family member were helping his cousin move. McKehen had a reputation for being a little lazy. McKehen was sitting on the sofa when everyone else broke their backs from moving heavy objects. But he got up once and emptied his ice cube tray into the refrigerator, and when Naccarelli saw him do it, he jumped at it.

“I started calling him the Joey Ice Cube and it has been ever since,” he said.

Naccarelli said she realized the slogans were attracting people’s attention, but did not apologize.

“Hey, I’m just having fun and I don’t respect anyone else or their fans,” he said. “This is an incredible story. We just soak it in.”

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