“Baran + Sancho + Panderbeek, I’ll buy them all…You know I bought Pogba, right?”

The Italian transfer media “Tutomercato” recently said, “Juventus is aiming for three Manchester United players.” The resources that the media identified as Juventus’ players on the list are central defender Raphael Varane, midfielder Donny van der Beek, and winger Jadon Sancho.

Varane started playing in the derby match against Manchester City in the 10th round of the 2023/24 English Premier League last month, and has played for only 86 minutes in seven matches since then. His absence is all the more noticeable as he has been cited as an unchanging starting resource while maintaining the starting center back for many years. The British media believe that there is a problem in his relationship with Turnhach.

In particular, Varane gave up the starting position to Harry Maguire, who was considered a player who was abandoned by Manchester United. Global sports media Tribuna cited Varane’s physical weakness and free body temperament as the reason why Maguire pushed Varane out. “Barane is not physically fit and is easily injured,” the media said. “In contrast, Maguire has been playing consistently throughout this season without getting injured easily.”

He made only two appearances on the ground this season, and all of them were substitutes. Considering the duration of his participation in the league, he played for only two minutes at 43 minutes in the second half of the game against Crystal Palace in the seventh round of the last league. Meanwhile, he was not able to sit on a bench for more than a month after the match against Sheffield United in the ninth round of the league, but was listed as a substitute in the match against Everton in the 13th round. He did not participate in any matches.

Sancho, who played as a substitute in the match against Nottingham Forest in the third round of the Premier League, criticized Turnhach and Manchester United through his SNS account by saying “I am a scapegoat” when he was excluded from the starting lineup ahead of the next match, a match against Arsenal in the fourth round. There is no mercy on a rival who rebelled head-on against the club and the manager. Turnhach immediately dismissed Sancho. Sancho will never use facilities in the professional league such as training sites and restaurants. Manchester United is only looking into an opportunity to send him out.

Tribuna also said Juventus wants the three recalled players, adding, “Sancho is looking for a way to leave the team after his relationship with Turnhach deteriorates,” adding, “He is expected to sign a loan without a full transfer option in January.” 토토사이트

The same goes for Varane. The media said that Varane also wants it from Germany’s Bayern Munich. “We will find a way out of the market in January.”

Although he is older and is not showing as good defense as in the past, he can play as a substitute resource that can appeal to big clubs. In particular, Munich’s defense has been devastated, and Kim Min-jae’s abuse continues. If a defender with that much hope comes, it can be a great help to Munich, which is aiming to win the UEFA Champions League this season.

Pandevik is a player who seems to have been completely forgotten. According to the soccer media “Team Talk” on the 26th, Pandevik also admitted that there is no Man Useo seat and expressed his willingness to look for other teams.

“I have to get back to the game quickly. As long as it’s not Manchester United, it doesn’t matter if it’s a different team. I think I need to be a little more ambitious.” “I’m totally crazy about soccer. I’m paid a lot for Manchester United, but that’s not the driving force behind my playing soccer,” he said, citing the low amount of time as a dissatisfaction factor, not about money.

Just in time, former French national team Paul Pogba, who was brought from Manchester United last summer, is unable to play due to positive doping charges. It seems that Juventus is trying to fill the vacancy by bringing van der Beek.

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