The BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund said it was a positive step for the BWF to see elite-level badminton once again in China

China will host its first international badminton tournament since 2019, BWF said Thursday, with the BWF World Tour final returning to Guangzhou later this year from Dec. 11-18. “Tianhe Stadium, a famous red court, will welcome the top eight players and pairs from each category in the season-ending finale and compete for a share of badminton’s biggest ever prize of $1.5 million,” the BWF said in an official announcement.

“The HSBC BWF World Tour final is one of the most profitable tournaments of the year and we are pleased to work with the Chinese Badminton Association, Guangzhou City Government and key partner HSBC to bring the final back to Guangzhou,” Thomas said in an official statement released by the BWF.

“We are also grateful to the Chinese government for extending the invitation to the world’s best badminton players and are confident that our hosts will provide the highest level of spectacular finals of players’ safety and comfort. Guangzhou has hosted two spectacular editions of the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals in 2018 and 2019 and we look forward to another grand show for China’s loyal fans,” it added.

The tournament, which will be held in October and November, was the last chance for players to advance to Guangzhou, as Thomas Lund confirmed that Victor China Open 2022 (Super 1000) and Fuzhou China Open 2022 (Super 750) were canceled.

“Unfortunately, it was impossible to push ahead with the plan to host the two tournaments in Changzhou and Fuzhou. This was an important year for badminton and we are very proud to be able to stop most of the HSBC BWF world tour,” he said. 토토사이트 순위

“We are now focusing on the rest of the HSBC BWF World Tour and BWF Tour tournaments, and we will be offering big points in the coming weeks,” he added in an official announcement.

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