Bruno Silva, the ‘steal and score’ Brazilian striker who’s been under pressure for years

Bruno Silva is a unique foreign player.

After leaving CRB in Brazil’s Serie B this winter, Bruno Silva is known for his speed and aggressive dribbling. But there’s something else that stands out: his defense. Most foreign players are better at attacking than defending, but Bruno Silva is different. He defends harder than most domestic players. When the opposing defense gets the ball, he presses with fierce intensity. His intensity is good, but he also has good speed, so he often makes opposing defenses panic. Eland head coach Kim Do-gyun has made Bruno Silva’s aggressive pressing a key option for Eland this season. In practice during the winter training camp, he pressed, 안전카지노사이트 stole the ball, and then went straight into the attack.

Finally, the moment came that Lee was hoping for. Bruno Silva scored two goals in the sixth round of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 against Seongnam FC at Tancheon Sports Complex on Tuesday, thanks to a tremendous amount of pressure. In the 27th minute, after stealing the ball from Gabriel, Bruno Silva broke through with tremendous speed and scored the first goal with a powerful right-footed shot. Two minutes into the second half, after Seongnam defender Yu Sun failed to receive a throw-in properly, Bruno Silva was on hand again to collect the ball and use his speed to beat the goalkeeper before finishing.

In addition to the goal, Bruno Silva created several other chances after disrupting the Seongnam defense’s buildup. Unfortunately, he had to be subbed out in the 28th minute due to injury, but his performance was very impressive. “In defense, we pressed forward and took away a lot of balls,” said Kim. I want to praise him for scoring a goal, and I think other players in our team should emulate this kind of play and be able to do it in the game,” Kim said, giving him a thumbs-up.

However, even with Bruno Silva’s brilliance, Eland were unable to secure the win. The struggling Seongnam changed the atmosphere in the second half by introducing Lee Jun-sang, Park Ji-won, and Huizu. In the 15th minute of the second half, Lee Joon-sang scored the equalizer with a beautiful mid-range shot, and in the 37th minute, Huizu equalized off a header from Park Ji-won. From there, both teams continued to battle back and forth, and the match ended 2-2. It was the fourth consecutive game without a win for Lee Land, including two consecutive draws, while Seongnam remained unbeaten in four matches (W1 D3 L1) under acting head coach Choi Chul-woo.

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