Technology brings the next step in Las Vegas sportsbook

Gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931, but it took 20 years for the first sports books to open for business. Back in 1951, legal sports books were independent stores along the strip, separate from large casinos. These stores, which were widely called “tough clubs,” had names such as Churchill Downs and Del Mar. Horse racing, boxing, and baseball betting were recorded on the blackboard.

Fast forward a half-century: no chalk in sight, football is the best game, and sportsbook operators are greatly relieved that the suspension of the 2011 National Football League players is in their rearview mirror. 사설 토토사이트

Out of $2.76 billion in betting on sports in Nevada last year, football betting made up $1.19 billion, or 43 percent, according to figures released by state gaming regulators. Most of the money, however, went to gamblers. Nevada sports books brought in $151.1 million in total gaming revenue, or just 5.5 percent of total betting in Nevada last year.

It’s hard to pinpoint the NFL’s value in sports books. Casinos report NFL and college football bets combined, so you don’t know how much money was spent on a game at what level.

However, a Super Bowl match between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers in February cost Nevada $87.5 million, and sports books won $724,176.

Although soccer remains the most popular sport in Nevada, basketball came in second with $830 million, or 30 percent of the total, and baseball earned $488 million, or 19 percent, in 2010. The Nevada Game Control Board said that “guitar,” including hockey and soccer, earned nearly $186 million, or 8 percent.

With the NFL regular season just two weeks away, books have already offered Canter Gaming the odds for Week 1, the division winners, and the Super Bowl, which has a five-point ½ in Green Bay over New Orleans. In the Farms Race and Sportsbook, an 11-2 Green Bay advantageous to win the Super Bowl, followed by the New England Patriots with 13-2 record, the Pittsburgh Steelers with 11-1 record, and the San Diego Chargers with 12-1 record.

Sports book operators expect soccer to remain the most popular game, but there are few other constants. Industry analysts expect modest growth in sports betting over the next few years as internet and smartphone applications play a bigger role in generating the handle for Las Vegas-based sports books.

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