Ryan Lenahan Leads WSOP Main Event, Ben Lamb Undercover

Phil Collins was the first player to reach the 10-million-chip mark. He reached the 10-million mark in Sunday’s Day 6 operation but fell back to fewer than 9 million chips before dinner time. He ended the day fifth in the chip category with 7.24 million chips.

Collins, who started the day with 4.109 million, sent Giuseppe Pastura by rail to begin climbing the 10-million-chip plateau. Collins pushed for a pre-flop with Ad-KH. Pastura, who started the day with 2.095 million, called with AC-JC. After two clubs crashed into boards, Collins avoided Patura’s remaining outings and increased it to 6.2 million. Collins felt Matthew Wontman was next to nearly 7 million. He then turned his attention to Joseph Cheng.

Cheng, who finished third in the WSOP main event last year, asked another Collins for an all-in bet against Ad-Qd. Unfortunately for Cheng, Collins had an As-Ac. Cheng caught a failed Quinn, but Turn and River missed him and Collins’ chip stack soared to more than 8.5 million.

Lance Steinberg became Collins’ fourth victim about half an hour later (wasn’t anyone paying attention to this table?!). Collins went all-in with a board that read 7s-10c-Qh-8h. Steinberg called and showed 10h-9h in ten, with a good shot straight draw, and a plush draw. Collins showed Jd-9d for a straight. Kang missed Steinberg and Collins broke the 10 million chip record with 10,021,000 chips.

Ryan Lenaghan crossed the 10 million-chip barrier about an hour before the end of the day’s game. His late move (which also cost Lamb time to catch him) happened when Bryan Pollain inexplicably called out the all-in bet between Lenaghan and Ah-Qd using 4 million chips. Lenaghan had a pocket jack, which held out to give Lenaghan all of Pauline’s chips and a stack of 12.3 million chips. Lenaghan ended the day as a 12.86 million chip leader. 카지노사이트 순위

Most of the time, a run like this ends in one of two ways. Collins or Lenahan runs like Davin Moon and takes over the chip lead for the rest of the year. Or Collins/Lenahan goes down Billy Cop’s path and inexplicably distributes all of his chips into one monster pot.

But not most of this year. This is Ben Lamb’s year. Shortly after Collins topped $10 million, Lamb started getting chips and Collins came back to Earth.

Collins dropped to about 9 million chips when she went all-in before losing to Mario Silvestri. Silvestri, who started the game with about 900,000 chips, called Ac-8h. Collins showed off a pocket deuce. Eight went on to play, and Silvestri won two pairs against Collins when an ace hit the river. Silvestri ended the day with 1,725,000 chips.

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