South Korea’s 3×3 national team finished fourth after losing to Mongolia in a friendly match

Again, the last one point was a drag.

South Korea’s 3×3 men’s basketball team, led by head coach Kang Yang-hyun, lost 20-21 in the men’s basketball bronze medal match at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games against Mongolia at Duching Geographic Information Park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 1st (Korea time).

South Korea lost 17-18 in the semifinals against Taiwan in the previous match after a neck-and-neck race. This aftermath came to a great extent, but it held up well. However, the last one point was held back again this time. As a result, she failed to bring the bronze medal to the fourth place.

For South Korea, Lee Won-seok scored 9 points and 7 rebounds, Kim Dong-hyun and Lee Doo-won scored 4 points each, and Seo Myung-jin scored 3 points. Allowing Mongolia five two-runs in a row overshadowed their performance. 온라인카지노

South Korea was not in good condition in the early days due to the aftermath of the extended match against Taiwan. He was pushed back to 4-11 and 7 points, and he seemed to lose. However, Lee Won-seok and Lee Doo-won dominated the bottom of the net and changed the atmosphere.

South Korea, which was pushed back to 15-19, chased 18-19 at once as Lee Doo-won even got a foul after Seo Myung-jin’s two-point shot. After that, Lee Doo-won’s score and Lee Won-seok’s dunk continued the 20-20 final one-point fight.

There was a chance to finish the game. But physical and poor concentration were the problems. South Korea had a situation where they could finish under the basket but missed a chance. In the end, Mongolia aimed for the tired South Korea under the basket and won a winning point, but the game was over.

South Korea cried at the last point in both the semifinal and bronze medal matches. They were aiming to win the prize in this competition, but unfortunately, they finished in fourth place.

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