Nevada gaming yields fall but exceed $100 million in June.

The Nevada gambling industry reported gross revenue for June 28, 2023.But in the past four months, in order to record historical levels that have occurred in the past four months, it has been recorded in the past four months to record an all-time high in the past four months.

Monthly income exceeds $100 million.

Nevada Gaming Control Board recently reported generating more than $100 million in June alone, according to the original.However, more than one month is known to be 3.5% lower for one month.Similarly, the Board reported a 2.4% decline in the country’s overall income in June 2023.Las Vegas Streep recorded 1 percent in downtown Las Vegas, while Las Vegas Streep recorded 62.5 million won.

Problem: 온라인경마

Earlier this year, the Nevada gambling industry expects to post record returns experienced earlier this year.Earlier, it was reported that it would grow 6.2% over six months over the same period over the past six months.According to LVRJ, such a period supported a $800-3003 billion increase in Streep by the end of 2022-2023.

The pattern showed a decline in revenue for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023, which ended June 30.According to Clark County, the Bader Streep market has been down 1.5% over a given period.

Reduced revenue:

Michael Lawton, senior economist at Michael Lawton, has been recorded in three of the last four months.However, Nevada continues to record game wins over this month.The overall championship was 19.7% compared to June 2019.It was the 28th day in a row that he recorded $100 million in this month’s game championship.

Las Vegas event drawing player:

I visited the Las Vegas casino through the LVRJ report.”We pulled poker players from the poker place cup in the poker place cup in focus in Las Vegas,” analysts in the game industry said.

Casino Game Results:

As a casino game, June reported “hon” by game category and geography.

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