Serie A players wear red to say “No to violence against women!

Italian men’s soccer players took to the field with red marks on their faces in a bid to end violence against women.Players and coaches wore red lines on their cheeks during the 13th round of Serie A on Friday, drawing attention from soccer fans.It’s part of the “Red Card for Violence” campaign that the Italian men’s professional soccer league is running this weekend, according to the Associated Press.Players and coaches from the lowest league to the highest, Serie A, will wear a red line on their cheeks for the weekend’s games.The campaign comes in the wake of the murder of an ex-girlfriend that rocked Italian society.Julia Cheketin, a female student at the University of Padua in northeastern Italy, went missing on Nov. 11, and her body was found on Nov. 18 with stab wounds to her head and neck.A male classmate, Filippo Turetta, was arrested in Germany on Nov. 19 for her murder.Femicide is a serious social problem in Italy, a country with strong patriarchal traditions.Cheketin is the 103rd victim of femicide this year, according to Italian Interior Ministry statistics.The 무료슬롯게임 majority of these cases, 83, occurred in intimate relationships, such as lovers or family members.

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