“I hope Son Jun-ho will be released,” Klinsmann said, “I’m handling it according to the law.”

In response to Korean national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s comment that he hopes to release Son Joon-ho (Shandong Taishan), who has been detained by Chinese authorities for more than six months after the World Cup qualifying match against China, China said, “We are handling the case strictly according to the law.”

When asked about his position on Klinsmann’s remarks at a regular briefing on the 23rd, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said, “The person involved (Son Joon-ho) was arrested under the law for receiving non-state operatives (public servants).”

“China is a country under the rule of law,” Mao said. “We are handling cases strictly according to the law, and likewise, we guarantee various legal rights and interests of the parties according to the law.”

Coach Klinsmann, who won against China in the second qualifying round of the FIFA North-China World Cup, said in an interview after returning home through Incheon International Airport the afternoon of the previous day, “I hope good news about Son Joon-ho will fly like a Christmas gift,” adding, “Since the exact charges have not yet been revealed, the Chinese government will also step up and hope that Son Joon-ho will return to his family’s arms as soon as possible.” 안전놀이터

Son, who played for a Chinese professional team, was arrested in May while trying to return home from Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai, China, and has since been held in criminal custody and has been under investigation by the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau in Liaoning Province.

Criminal detention refers to “temporary arrest” under the decision and management of public security authorities, and Chinese public security switched to an arrest (arrest) investigation when the deadline for criminal detention of Son expired in June.

The Chinese government has not shared the specific situation of Son with the Korean government, calling it an “under investigation,” but the Korean diplomatic authorities said they are checking for human rights violations or health conditions.

Chung Jae-ho, Ambassador to China, said at a parliamentary audit last month, “Whenever I had the opportunity, whenever I met with a Chinese official, I asked him to conduct a quick and fair investigation in consideration of the Korea-China friendship sentiment.”

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