Reckless challenge with Ohtani, will the ‘Buyer’ Angels have a happy ending

Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani started against the Seattle Mariners on the 4th (Korean time).

 He also started as the designated hitter twice in the batting line.

Pitcher Ohtani went down after pitching only four innings due to right middle finger cramps. However, Ohtani, who remained as a batter, added a home run in the 8th after stealing bases in the 6th.

 It was the 40th home run of the season.

Yesterday, pitcher Ohtani went 4 scoreless innings, and batter Ohtani got 2 hits, 2 walks and 4 on base.

 The major leagues are divided into the dead ball era and the live ball era with the point at which the ball’s repulsive force has changed.

 In the live ball era that began in 1920, Ohtani was the first player to show 2 hits / 2 walks / home run / stolen base / 4 scoreless innings in one game.

Ohtani is writing her own history in her own world.토토사이트

 He is a strong MVP candidate for the American League this year as well.

 The Angels, with this Ohtani at the forefront, will challenge this year’s postseason after contemplation.

 He was faithful to his role as a buyer bringing players until the trade deadline.

The Angels were founded in 1961.

 And in 2002, he won his first championship.

 There were no more championships after that, but he was a regular customer of fall baseball.

 From 2002 to 2009, he made six postseason appearances in eight years.

 Thanks to this, coach Mike Scioscia was able to stay in power for 19 years.

 The 3,078 games Socia led is the most ever by an Angels manager (2nd place Bill Rigney 1,333 games).

In the 2000s, the Angels were a strong team.

 The combined odds ratio of 0.556 from 2000-09 was the fourth highest overall after the New York Yankees (0.597), Boston Red Sox (0.568) and St. Louis Cardinals (0.564).

But the 2010s were a series of difficult times for the Angels. Until last year, in 13 seasons, it was only once in the postseason (2014).

 Even this was eliminated without a win in the first round division series.

 Nine of the 13 seasons did not exceed the 50% win rate, and the overall win rate for the 13 seasons did not exceed 50% (0.498).

 Only failures and setbacks were repeated.

Last year, Seattle quenched its postseason thirst for the first time in 21 years.

 At the same time, the most thirsty team in the current postseason has become the Angels.

 The Angels, along with the Detroit Tigers, have failed to advance to the postseason for eight consecutive years.

 The Angels’ position is that they will solve this problem this year.

It is not a reckless challenge.

 The Angels’ monthly win rate this season is all over 50%.

 There was a time when the 50% win rate collapsed as they fell into a 6-game losing streak in July, but they managed to bounce back by running 10-3 in the last 13 games in July.

 In response, the Angels drew a line saying, “There is no Ohtani trade.” Instead, they recruited players who could support Ohtani.

 The Angels’ trade deadline was mostly well-received, as Pham did his best while he was not well off.

Angels mid-season

1. Eduardo Escobar (INF)
2. Mike Moustakas (1B/3B)
3. Lucas Giolito (RHP)
4. Reinaldo Lopez (RHP)
5. Randall Grichick (OF)
6. CJ Cron (OF)
7. Dominic Leone (RHP)

Actually, the Angels moved faster than anyone else. Already in late June, the infield was beefed up with the additions of Eduardo Escobar and Mike Moustakas.

 It was a team that showed the process regardless of the result.

In this trade market, there were few useful starting pitchers.

 In particular, there was a lack of ace pitchers who could greatly increase their power.

 There were many teams whose routes were vague until just before the deadline, but Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander moved teams as the New York Mets turned to sellers at the last minute.

Of course, even if the Angels had contact with both players, it would be hard to win the competition.

 The prospects the Angels had had their limits. Therefore, Giolito reinforcement seemed reasonable. Giolito went 40-30 with a 3.86 ERA from 2019-22.

 In the past 4 years, the ‘Fan Graph.

com’ victory contribution was 4th in the league. It’s not an ace or first pick, but it’s a decent selection resource.

 At the same time as adding a sense of stability to the Angels starting lineup, he was able to correct the left-right imbalance of the starting lineup.

2019-22 AL Draft Win Contribution

17.3 – Gerrit Cole
16.2 – Shane Bieber
14.2 – Lance Lynn
13.1 – Lucas Giolito
12.5 – Justin Verlander

Grichick and Cron were also timely additions. With injuries to Mike Trout, Joe Adele and Taylor Ward, they needed players to fill the void. The two Angels’ picks at the time of the draft need to divert attention from Ohtani at the plate (Grichick, 24th overall pick in the 2009 draft, Kron, 17th overall pick in the 2011 draft).

 Also, the Angels did not neglect the overhaul of the bullpen, which became more prominent in the second half of the season and in the postseason.

For the Angels, all moves made common sense.

 If the new players live up to expectations and the injured return normally, the best scenario can be written. However, the best scenario produces the best results for other teams as well.

 In that respect, the rest of the Angels’ season will never be smooth.

The Angels, who lost 4 games in a row today, are 4th in the district and 7th in the wild card (56-55).

 The gap with the Texas Rangers, who are ranked first in the district, is 8 and a half games. With only 6 games remaining, it is impossible to catch up on your own.

 It is better to aim for a wild card rather than the first place in the district with a probability.

However, the competition for the American League wild card is directly related to the ranking of teams in the Eastern Division.

 Currently, two teams in the Eastern Division and one team in the Western Division are in the wild card rankings, but the Eastern Division, where all five teams have a win rate of more than 50%, can possibly monopolize the three wild cards.

 If this happens, the Angels’ efforts will literally be in vain.

AL Wild Card Standings

1. Tampa Bay Rays (+5.5 games)
2. Houston Astros (+2.0 games)
3. Toronto Blue Jays
4. Seattle Mariners (-2.5 games)
5. Boston Red Sox (-3.0 games)
6. New York Yankees (-3.5 games)

The Angels cannot be certain of the future for the time being if their plans for this season fail.

 If you can’t catch Ohtani, the approaching winter here, you’ll get even more confused.

 Even if you receive a draft compensation nomination through Ohtani, you will not receive a high nomination, unlike in the past.

 Because of this, some advised that Ohtani should be handed over and outstanding prospects should be brought in to rebuild the farm.

 It is because it is right to hurry up and make a new board if Ohtani can not remain anyway.

Nevertheless, the Angels chose to break through head-on.

 Because of the uncertain future, he did not hastily give up on the reality in front of his eyes.

 Above all, Ohtani, who openly expressed his desire to win, showed that he had the will to win.

 In other words, what the Angels were really after was not the postseason, but Ohtani’s mind.

For the regular season to be more fun, the number of teams like the Angels needs to increase.

 Only then will the ranking competition intensify until the end and the spectacle will be enriched.

 A team that intentionally wants to win should be welcomed rather than a team that intentionally wants to lose.

 This is why it is hard to say that the Angels’ move was wrong.

Ohtani has completely overcome the barrier of double-tapping, which everyone looked at with skepticism.

 Now, like Ohtani, the Angels must change everyone’s gaze.

 If the Angels are as amazing as Ohtani, Ohtani might make some surprising decisions this coming winter.

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