5 Hits that MLB Couldn’t do, he Did it in Korea

SSG Landers secured a winning series after 3 consecutive losses with Choo Shin-soo’s great performance.

SSG won 9-6 after an extended game against the Lotte Giants in the regular season of the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held in Sajikguja, Busan on the 5th.

With this, SSG won 2 in a row after losing 3 in a row. It secured a winning series of 3 consecutive weekends.

 With a season record of 52 wins, 38 losses and 1 draw, the gap with LG, which ranked first, was narrowed to 3.5 games.

 On the other hand, Lotte suffered 3 consecutive losses after 4 consecutive losses and stayed at 42 wins and 49 losses in the season.

 The gap between 5th and 6th is getting farther and farther away.온라인카지노

For SSG, Choo Shin-soo (right fielder) Choi Ji-hoon (center fielder) Choi Joo-hwan (1st baseman) Choi Jeong (designated hitter) Park Seong-han (shortstop) Choi Jun-woo (2nd baseman) Kim Seong-hyeon (3rd baseman) Kim Min-sik (catcher) Oh Tae-gon (left fielder) were named in the starting lineup. Hanyu Island, which was called up that day, was listed in the starting lineup, but was excluded from the selection under the judgment that fatigue accumulated while moving after playing the Futures League Chuncheon game. The starting pitcher is Oh Won-seok.

For Lotte, Ahn Kwon-soo (center fielder), Gudrum (shortstop), Jung-hoon (1st baseman), Jeon Jun-woo (designated hitter), Ahn Chi-hong (2nd baseman), Yoon Dong-hee (left fielder), Han Dong-hee (3rd baseman), Ko Seung-min (right fielder), Jeong Bo-geun (catcher) started the game. The starting pitcher is Han Hyun-hee.

SSG’s deleted chance to load the bases, Jung Hoon’s come-from-behind three-run home run

From the first inning, both teams traded points. SSG was able to take the lead, but regret remained.

 In the top of the first inning, lead batter Choo Shin-soo hit a double hit directly against the wall in the middle, and Choi Ji-hoon hit an infield hit by shortstop.

 Joo-hwan Choi took the chance to get the bases loaded safely as he walked on base. However, as Choi Jung hit the second baseman double hit, he only called in a runner from third base. In the end, I only scored 1 point in the 1st mass scoring opportunity.

Then Lotte immediately reversed the atmosphere at the end of the first inning.

 Ahn Kwon-soo’s walk and Gudrum’s left-handed hit gave him a chance to secure 1st and 3rd base, and Jung-hoon hit Oh Won-seok’s 142km fastball in the first round and hit a three-run home run. 

Season 2 home run. reversed to 3-1.

Counterattack and counterattack, but Lotte’s flow is strangely twisted

In the top of the 3rd, SSG counterattacked again. Leading batsman Choo Shin-soo created an opportunity this time by hitting a double that hit the wall in the middle left, and Choi Ji-hoon’s timely hit gave the team a 2-3 lead.

However, Lotte immediately ran away with two points. After one out at the end of the 3rd inning, Jeon Jun-woo’s sand dune and Ahn Chi-hong’s left-handed hit took a chance for 1 out and 1st and 3rd base. And Yun Dong-hee’s infield hit to third baseman scored 1 point, followed by Han Dong-hee’s left-handed hit from 1 out 1st and 2nd base, and ran away 5-2. However, in the continued situation of 1st, 1st and 3rd base, when Koh Seung-min grounded the 1st baseman, the runner on 3rd base was caught in a slash and was out, and Han Dong-hee, who was on 1st base, was also out while heading to 3rd base. 

The inning ended in vain with a double out.

And in the 4th inning, Jeon Jun-woo’s second baseman’s double hit in the 1st run made with Jeong Bo-geun’s walk and Gudrum’s Jung-hoon’s walk failed to score an extra point. From that point on, the game went oddly.

SSG’s great counterattack in the midst of luck, the complacent Lotte who didn’t know that 1 point was precious

SSG took advantage of their luck and counterattacked.

 On the other hand, Lotte was complacent and did not know that one point was precious.

 From Lotte’s point of view, it was an inning that should have been free of runs in the top of the 5th inning.

In SSG, lead batter Choo Shin-soo got on base with a surprise bunt hit to third baseman in the 5th inning. 

Lotte dropped Han Hyun-hee early, who gave only 2 points to avoid further spreading the crisis. He made a quick decision and put in left-hander Shim Jae-min.

In SSG, Choi Ji-hoon retired with a bum hit, but after that, a lucky double hit came out.

 Joo-Hwan Choi hit a double to left field. Lotte left fielder Yoon Dong-hee chased the ball, but failed to catch it properly. The batting speed was not fast, and it was an ordinary floating ball.

 However, Yun Dong-hee missed it and became 1 company, 2nd and 3rd base.

 The situation that should have been 2 out 1 turned into a crisis. In the end, it was Lotte who intentionally skipped Choi Jeong with 4 pitches and carried out the operation to load the bases.

SSG did not miss this opportunity. Park Seong-han struck a right-handed timely hit with the first company loaded. Made 3-5. And once again, Lotte’s complacent play earned one point.

 SSG also put in Kim Kang-min as a pinch hitter with the bases loaded. Lotte replaced the pitcher with Kim Sang-soo.

Lotte’s winning streak seemed to work. He induced Kim Kang-min to hit the third baseman ground ball.

 It was a ball rolling back and forth to the base, and third baseman Han Dong-hee naturally stepped on the base and threw it home.

 It was a tag out situation, not a force out. However, the catcher information root did not properly recognize this.

 Mistaking it for a force-out situation, he did not tag the runner on third base. Jeong Bo-geun was confused, but it was a play that lacked concentration.

 In the end, it became a 5-4, 1-point difference on thin ice. SSG laughed and Lotte had to scratch her head.

Choo Shin-soo’s supernatural power knocking on the wall of Sajik, completes reversal with concentration after 2 deaths

When Choo Shin-soo went on base, SSG somehow scored. 

It was the beginning of the 6th inning that I thought would go smoothly, but Choo Shin-soo’s super strength and concentration completed the reversal.

 After two deaths in the top of the 6th inning, Choo Shin-soo hit the right fence with a single hit.

 The batting speed was so fast, and right fielder Koh Seung-min’s fence play was good, so it didn’t lead to a double.

 And Choi Ji-hoon pulled out a double on the left line in a full count situation. Choo Shin-soo, who started automatically in a two-out full count situation, dug home and tied the score 5-5.

 In the continued 2nd and 2nd base, Joo-hwan Choi pulled out a timely hit in the middle of the match and reversed it to 7-6.

The day of Jung Hoon’s outstanding performance, but again, cold water due to sickness

It was the flow of Lotte’s self-destruction.

 I gave away points that I shouldn’t have given, and in a situation where I had to continue my opportunity, I withdrew in vain. However, Jung Hoon did not give up the game.

 Jung Hoon appeared as the lead batter at the bottom of the 7th inning and scored a solo shot to tie the score against SSG Moon Seung-won

. He hit the 127 km curve in one strike. It was a multi-four day.

 Jung Hoon’s last multi-home run game was against Munhak SK on May 26, 2015. He completed his first and last multi-home run game eight years ago against SSG’s predecessor. 

It’s been 2993 days.

Afterwards, Jeon Jun-woo’s walk and Yoon Dong-hee’s lucky left-handed hit made of an irregular bounce in front of the shortstop continued the chance for 1st and 2nd base.

 However, Han Dong-hee once again poured cold water on the atmosphere with a shortstop double hit.

 It was already the 3rd double hit, the 4th including the double-out.

In the overtime game, there was Choo Shin-soo in SSG… The final hit in the first 5-hit game of his debut

The game went into overtime.

 SSG blocked the 8th and 9th innings and the 2nd inning.

 In Lotte, all Seungjo Pil was put in.

 Choi Jun-yong, Koo Seung-min and Kim Won-joong were in charge until the ninth inning.

 In particular, Kim Won-joong raised the atmosphere by turning the beginning of the 9th inning into KKK.

However, in the end, the game was split in 10 overtime.

 Leading batter Kim Seong-hyeon hit left-handed, and Kim Min-sik’s sacrifice bunt took the chance for a run on second base.

 Pinch hitter Hanyu-seom continued his opportunity by walking on base after a full count match. And Choo Shin-soo, who recorded 4 hits, even beat Kim Won-jung.

 As Choo Shin-soo’s timely hit to the left exploded, SSG took the lead again. The first five-hit game in the KBO League. Of course, it wasn’t even in my major league career.

Choi Joo-hwan withdrew with a pitcher’s straight hit in the continued 1st run with bases loaded, but Choi Jeong, who had been silent throughout the day, scored a 2nd RBI and put an end to the game in the following 2nd bases loaded.

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