GS Caltex, KOVO Cup ‘most’ 6th Win…MVP is Kang So-Hui

Following the KOVO Cup preliminaries, GS Caltex and IBK met again in the final.

In the beginning, IBK took the lead.

However, GS Caltex started the chase from the second half of the 1st set, and

in the 19-20 situation in the 2nd set, Ace Kang So-hui succeeded in turning the game around and turned the game around.스포츠토토

: In such an important situation, Kang So-hui scored consecutive goals in yesterday’s game as well.


easily winning the 3rd set with a margin of over 10 points, GS Caltex succeeded in winning the 2nd consecutive match by bringing it to the 4th set.

Kang So-hui, who scored 21 points, was selected as the MVP.

[Kang So-hui / KOVO Cup MVP GS Caltex: IBK IBK and IBK were not our best in the qualifiers, and I think the intensive practice resulted in a good result.]

[Cha Sang-hyun / GS Caltex coach: Successfully preparing for the league I think I can get a little more comfortable with it.]

GS Caltex, which succeeded in winning the 6th KOVO Cup, also set a new record for the most wins in the tournament.

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