Puerto Rico Governor Introduces Sports Betting Bill

Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló today introduced a bill to regulate sports gambling on the island, which is expected to attract visitors and improve Puerto Ricans’ economy. The bill includes a revamp to a new public policy that favors gambling.

Two independent studies have been prepared on the impact of this industry on Puerto Rico’s economy. The first study was commissioned by the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and was prepared by The Innovation Group. The study estimated revenues for governments at $29 million in 2020, $51 million in 2021, $68 million in 2022, $77 million in 2023, and $87 million in 2024. These predictions are based on approving sports betting on casinos, racetracks, galleries, horse agencies, and online games.

The government has asked Spectrum Gaming Group to conduct market research on its bets on legitimate sporting events. The company has estimated that sports betting could bring in between $44 million and $62 million a year, both in real and online.

The bill would allow Puerto Rico to be sold domestically and internationally as an attractive destination for millions of people betting on gambling. 온라인카지노

“Our administration is committed to new and creative ways to improve the lives of all Puerto Ricans as we continue to rebuild, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria,” said Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló. “The bill, made possible by last year’s Supreme Court ruling, will make Puerto Rico an attractive place to visit, which will greatly benefit our tourism industry.”

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