‘Heungmin, I’ll help you!’…Manchester City match ‘Special helper’, Coolusev vs Hill ‘Pinch’

Tottenham will play an away match against Manchester City in the 14th round of the 2023/24 season Premier League at 1:30 a.m. on the 4th (Korea time). Tottenham, which has eight wins, two draws and three losses and 26 points, went down one notch to sixth place as Newcastle United defeated Manchester United on the 3rd. Manchester City is in second place, four points behind Arsenal, who played one more game with nine wins, two draws and two losses (29 points).

It is Tottenham that met Manchester City in the worst atmosphere. Tottenham, which had no loss in 10 matches (8 wins and 2 draws) since the opening of this season, recently faltered after losing three consecutive games. It had remained at No. 1 in the league until the 10th round, but gradually declined to sixth place. If it loses against Manchester City, it will fall into a swamp for four consecutive losses.

Son Heung-min’s shoulders are heavier than ever. He ranks first in scoring with eight goals in his team, but has remained silent while Tottenham recently lost three consecutive games. He shook the opponent’s net in the match against Chelsea, but was declared offside, and did not pose a threat against Wolverhampton. Notably, in the previous game, he scored three goals only on offside, earning the disgrace of being the most offside player in the league as of the 13th round.

In response, coach Ange Postecoglou defended Son. “We understand some of the offside plays. There were a few times when we were able to kick the ball faster and Son had perfect timing,” Postecoglou said at a press conference before the match. “Son is a different type of striker from Harry Kane. As I said, if we had passed just 1/1,000th of a second earlier, Son’s timing would have been perfect.”

“We cannot deny that Son was in the offside position. He still finished well and scored a goal. It is also the most difficult part of a soccer match. We just watched his run a little early,” he added, adding that Son has done well so far. 안전놀이터

Tottenham lost momentum as Son Heung-min remained silent. As Christian Romero’s suspension and Mickey Pantherpen’s injury have made it difficult to form a defense, there are more points than points. Kulusevski scored in the match against Chelsea and Brennan Johnson scored in the match against Wolverhampton, but all three frontline strikers were silent in the match against Villa.

Tottenham lacks players to take responsibility for scoring against defending champion Manchester City. It is time for Son Heung-min, who has a clear decision, to show his image as a Manchester City killer.

It is also important to have a special helper in the side to help Son Heung-min. As mentioned earlier, it remains to be seen how well Johnson and Kulusevski, who scored when Son was silent, can show good performance. Brian Hill, who started the game against Villa and showed good performance, can also be an option for offense.

Locally, he is expected to be fixed to one spot on the side, and Hill and Kulusevski will compete for the remaining spot. “Postecoglou’s main choice will be between Hill and Kulusevski. Hisharlisson is expected to return to training, but chances are high that he will sit on the bench in the match against Manchester City as it is right after the surgery,” predicted Alesdare Gold of Football London in England.

In the meantime, Gold predicted that Son Heung-min, Johnson, and Hill would be selected as the front three.

On the other hand, Rob Guest predicted that Kulusevski would start with Son Heung-min and Johnson rather than Hill, who is weak in physical fights, saying, “Heel showed good performance in the game against Villa, but he may be an unlucky player to miss the starting opportunity.”

Kulusevski has scored three goals in all 13 league games this season. However, there are criticisms that the destructive power is lower than the second half of the 2021/22 season, which was the first season.

Hill, who was the first starting game of the season against Villa, was a player who had been completely neglected by Tottenham. His fast speed and sophisticated dribbling stand out, but he struggled with the physicality of the Premier League. Fortunately, he drew positive reviews in the match against Villa, which he played for the first time in a long time, signaling a change in his position.

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