Oh Ji-hwan (33, LG, photo), who stands tall as the top star of the KBO League in 2023, will return to his “main job.”

Oh started training from last Wednesday. After finishing the Korean Series, he attended various award ceremonies, events and interviews, and started to build up his body to prepare for next season.

LG won the combined championship for the first time in 29 years, and Oh Ji-hwan, who showed strong performance in the Korean Series, was selected as the MVP of the series. Since the last victory, the MVP has received a lot of attention, including Awamoriju, which had promised to win the “next championship” but was never released and the MVP luxury watch, which was not even able to find its owner.

After finishing the Korean Series on Nov. 13, Oh has been busy attending numerous award ceremonies and championship-related events for more than a month. He spent a truly hectic time, taking care of his junior Lee Jung-yong, including personal volunteer work and seeing off his junior Lee Jung-yong, who is serving in the military.

Oh Ji-hwan is a very different person from the beginning of November. As he was named MVP of the Korean Series and was exposed to numerous media outlets through interviews and news reports, he has become a “familiar face” to even those who are not LG fans or don’t like baseball. He is enjoying immense popularity every day.

“There were many people in my neighborhood who didn’t know who I was or who I was,” Oh Ji-hwan said. “Now I can hear people saying, ‘Huh?’ even when I ride the elevator. Elderly people also talk to me, saying, ‘I’ve seen this a lot before.’ I thought it was in my neighborhood and Jamsil, but they recognize me no matter where I go. I was really surprised,” Oh said. “I wondered if a celebrity who appeared in a drama that had the highest ratings would be like this.”

Oh Ji-hwan, who felt the dignity of the Korean Series MVP after being loved by a limited number of fans, said, “The number of 29 years has given more meaning to me. Even people who don’t know me have greeted me while passing by, and I greet them brighter without feeling awkward. Now I think I have to be more careful with each and every move.”

Oh Ji-hwan, who spent more than a month busy with schedules other than baseball for the first time in his life, is now trying to come to his senses and return to his “daily life” despite his unfinished schedule. 파워볼실시간

“It’s an honor to be so busy, but I thought I should hurry up and go back to my day job,” Oh said. The team won the championship, but I was disappointed in my individual performance. I also had injuries early in the season, so I want to do well next year. I am conducting weight training, technical training, and recovery training at the same time because I don’t think I will have enough time to exercise (due to my schedule),” Oh said. Originally, I had been working out until the end of December, and started technical training in January next year to prepare for a month’s spring camp, but this year, I already started technical training together.

LG’s goal is to win the title again next year, and Oh’s goal is to do well in the regular season next year. “It was an honor,” Oh said. “I really want to win next year, too. Now I want to focus on my day job.”

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