“A threat to two children with a knife + the price of his wife’s face”…A shocking ‘heist incident’ suffered by Lee Kang-in colleague GK

French media outlet “RMC” reported on the 19th (Korea time), saying, “Letelier has become a victim of a violent robbery.” According to the media, four robbers broke into the house and threatened Letelier and his wife with jewelry and cash.

What’s more shocking is that the four robbers threatened Letelier’s two-year-old and six-year-old children with knives. The media said, “The robbers overpowered Letelier, his wife and two children and then threatened to give up money and jewelry,” adding, “He did not hesitate to assault Letelier by hitting his wife in the face.”

At 2 a.m. on the 19th (local time), Letelier and his wife were asleep and suddenly woke up with an alarm installed at their home. The alarm went off because a person had broken into the garden, and the two called the police. However, they were not caught by the police before the crime. The four robbers came into the house and committed crimes, putting Letelier and his family in danger.

Local police quickly dispatched and managed to catch three of the four people. Two were 16-year-old minors and the other was a 21-year-old adult. Police also successfully acquired a knife that appeared to be used in intimidation and money stolen during the crime. One missing criminal was also arrested, and the criminals are now handed over to the Versailles police station. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“The security system installed in the garden appears to have worked properly, and the team’s security personnel appear to have been dispatched at the same time as the police,” the media said. “The French BRB, a special robbery department, is currently in charge of the case.” It was also revealed that a police officer suffered an injury to his knee while entering the garden at the time of the incident.

Crimes targeting soccer players are getting tougher. PSG also experienced a robbery last summer of its main goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma and his cohabitation. The same thing happened in the Premier League, and earlier this month, Premier League West Ham United defender Kurt Zouma was also spending time with his family at home when a robber broke in and stole money and goods.

In 2021, four robbers broke into the home of João Cancelo, a flanker for Manchester City (Manchester City), and the players and criminals fought each other, injuring Cancelo’s forehead. In March 2022, a robber broke into the home of midfielder Paul Pogba, who was then a member of Manchester United.

Especially in the case of Pogba, similar to the case of Letelier, the incident took place while his children were sleeping in their bedrooms, bringing a huge backlash. On the 18th, although there was no one, Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne’s home in Belgium suffered from a theft.

Letelier has never played this season as the third-ranked goalkeeper of PSG, but he has been selected by PSG coach Luis Enrique and sits on the bench as a replacement card in every game. After returning to his old team in 2020 from PSG Youth, he showed high loyalty to the team, saying, “There is no doubt about his love for PSG.”

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