Nevada Gaming Regulator Approves Casino Reopening Guidelines

As the wait for Nevada casinos to reopen continues, we are starting to see more clearly what new procedures and protocols will be in place when guests are finally welcomed in the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 바카라

Last week, the Nevada Gaming Regulatory Commission issued guidelines for casinos to follow in order to begin the reopening process. The Nevada Gaming Commission unanimously approved these regulations.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak officially extended his stay-at-home order until May 15 last week, saying casinos would not be involved in the first phase of reopening. However, these health and safety rules approved by the committee allow casinos to proceed with the process to begin reopening.

The new guidelines that casinos must adhere to include limited capacity to 50% or less. There will be more space between slot machines and a limited number of players in each table game. Blackjack can have three players, with only six players allowed at the crack table and four players at roulette and poker.

Items that players will often touch, such as dice, chairs, and cards, will be regularly disinfected at casinos. One of the resorts that is not open under the guidelines is nightclubs. However, salons and restaurants were approved by the governor of Sisolak to reopen on Saturday as long as the guidelines were followed, including with limited capacity. This marked the beginning of phase one in Nevada.

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