Macau’s Texas Holdham Poker GGR hits 93.7% of 2019 record

Gross game revenue (GGR) collected from Texas Holdham Poker during the third quarter of this year from the regulated Macau market was MOP 177 million, about $22 million, up 17.2% from MOP 151 million in the previous quarter, according to information obtained by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau.

As of the first quarter of 2023, Texas Holdham Poker’s total gaming revenue was MOP 418 million, which was only 0.32% of Macau Casino’s total gaming revenue of MOP 128.95 billion over the same period, but for the period ending Sept. 30, it was 93.7% of the 2019 total, compared to a contemporary record of MOP 446 million, based on accessible figures from the gaming bureau.

As for the aforementioned GGR collected from Texas Holdham Poker, Macao has undergone a gradual comeback in 2023. Alidad Tash, managing director of Consulting 2NT8 Ltd and a former senior executive in the local gaming market, suggested the reason for the gradual return is that “post-pandemic gaming audiences are younger and more familiar with poker.”

Two of the major contributors to Macau’s Texas Holdham Poker GGR: 온라인경마

He added, “MGM real estate as well as Grand Lisboa Palace offered poker tables, and they were received positively.” Furthermore, referring to the distribution of game tables through the Macau authorities, Tash also pointed out: “MGM’s additional 200 tables enabled them to pioneer the poker market, using both revenue and non-game spending to generate potential crossplay [with other game options].”

Relatedly, MGM Chaina has been licensed to manage a total of 1,700 gaming consoles and 750 gaming tables, according to the latest license launched in January to fill December on the Hong Kong exchange. In June, the company debuted a poker zone at the MGM Macau facility and one more at the MGM Kotai Resort.

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