Macau Legend Development, a gaming and hotel services company, said in a filing Wednesday it has appointed Socaman as its new company secretary and authorized representative.

At the end of October, the company said Zeng Ka-hong’s resignation as company secretary led to his failure to comply with the rules of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr. Zeng also stepped down as chief financial officer and executive director. 파칭코

Ms. Soe has 20 years of professional experience and is currently head of corporate services at Trico Services, a global professional services company, specializing in “integrated business, corporate and investor services,” according to the filing.

Macau Legends is conducting businesses linked to three casinos in Macau, Landmark, Babylon and Legend Palace, under a so-called service contract with Macau operator SJM Holdings, which is currently confirmed by Dec. 31, when the operator’s existing concession period ends.

In August, Macau Legends confirmed to GGRAXIA that it had suspended all casino promotional activities for Babylon and Legend Palace, but noted that SJM Holdings was responsible for the games there by the end of the year.

SJM Holdings is one of Macau’s six current operators due to start Jan. 1, but it has not yet been disclosed whether it has a gaming relationship with Macau Legend Properties after that date.

In Macau legend, there is also a tourist complex called Macau Fisherman’s Pier, a waterfront area close to the outer port ferry terminal on the Macau Peninsula.

The company added in its latest interim report that it indicated “the presence of significant uncertainty” showing a loss of $62 million, including violating “specific loan contract provisions” during the reporting period.

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