“10% of V-League All-Star Fan Voting Fraudulent,” KOVO Announces

The Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO), the governing body of professional volleyball, announced on Thursday that it has confirmed a large number of fraudulent votes in the fan voting for this season’s V-League All-Star Game. “We checked for signs of fraudulent voting, such as abnormal membership sign-ups and abnormal trends in the number of votes at certain times of the day, and found that 5,941 out of 58,117 total votes (10.2% of the total) were fraudulent after the voting ended,” the federation said in its own investigation. The most prevalent type of fraudulent votes were those that took advantage of the fact that children under the age of 14 could sign up for unlimited accounts with a single contact, totaling 5,395.

The user who created the most fraudulent accounts created 1,517 accounts with a single contact and cast a total of 1,966 fraudulent votes. Other cases of duplicate voting with a single account by accessing through unusual channels were also detected .As a result, the total number of votes cast has been corrected from 58,117 to 52,176.However, the final All-Star selections did not change. “Users who cast fraudulent votes may lose their membership under the terms of the unified website, and we will work to prevent future fraudulent voting,” the league added. Fan voting for the All-Star Game took place from 온라인카지노 January 5 to 11, and the All-Star Game will be held on January 27 at the Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon.

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