Kim Min-jae, who could not avoid harsh criticism, is at the lowest level among Munich players

The responsibility for the shocking five runs was also difficult for Kim Min-jae to avoid. He struggled hard, covering a wide area from the penalty box to beyond the half-line, but it was not enough. Soccer statistics media such as “Husored Dotcom,” “Foot Mob,” and “Sophar Score” gave Kim 5.9, 6.2 and 5.4 points. It was lower than the Munich average, and received the lowest rating after Mazrai among the 400s.

The stets recorded by Kim Min-jae include 126 touches, 94% pass success rate (120 attempts-113 successful), 50% long ball success rate (2 attempts-1 successful), 20% ground contention success rate (5 attempts-1 successful), 100% air contention success rate (3 attempts-3 successful), one clear and tackle, and two interceptions.

All Munich’s defense is criticized. “Munich was embarrassed by Frankfurt. All the runs were made due to individual Munich defense mistakes. Majrawi, Kim Min-jae, Upamecano, Davis, and Kim Mi-hee made blatant mistakes.”

Italy’s Sport del Sood said, “Coach Tuchel made Kim Min-jae the key player, but he is having some difficulties. If there is anyone in Naples who misses Kim Min-jae, there will be someone in Munich who regrets recruiting Kim Min-jae.” 안전놀이터

“I’m not ready, for sure. We have to ask ourselves back. Everything went very fast and against us. We lacked the will, courage, and passion to win the game,” Tuchel said after the match. “Maybe we gave too much information to our opponent right before the match. Today’s performance was not satisfactory. Munich had an advantage of 2.23 to 1.53 in terms of the expected score (xG). Of the 1.5 goals, we have given five.”

Would the sweet break have been rather poisonous? The defense, which was considered a source of instability in Munich this season, collapsed. Munich is scheduled to go to Manchester United early on the 13th.

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