KANG MINHO’s shoulder dance until the end

Samsung’s Kim Jae-sung led the team to victory with three hits, one walk and four RBIs with his first home run since the transfer in the game between Samsung and LG at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 15th. Kim Jae-sung made his fifth start this season. Kim Jae-sung, who played as a catcher for the eighth batter, hit his first two-run home run of the season over the right fence by pulling LG starter Lee Min-ho’s slider in the top of the second inning with one out and second base leading 1-0. Kim Jae-sung raised his right hand and rejoiced around the first base. He made a strong roar while high-fiving with the base coach while going around third base. Later, when he entered the dugout, Kang Min-ho and the players pretended to have an emergency meeting and turned away from Kim Jae-sung. 바카라사이트

Kim Jae-sung firmly raised his hands and enjoyed himself. Players who deliberately turned away from Kim Jae-sung were also seen holding back their laughter. Kim Jae-sung had fun raising both hands right in front of Kang Min-ho, but Kang Min-ho looked at the ground as if he had not seen it. In the first home run, the “outside ceremony” that players turn away when they hit a home run is a tradition among players. Samsung’s Kang Min-ho and the players quietly watched Kim Jae-sung’s home run ceremony and congratulated him fiercely.

Kim Jae-sung’s performance continued. In the top of the sixth inning, LG Choi Dong-hwan hit a timely two-run hit with runners on second and third bases with no outs. Kim Jae-sung, who had a perfect score with four RBIs, also shone in defense. Starter Huh Yoon-dong led the confident pitching and led the five scoreless innings. Kim Jae-sung wore a Samsung uniform as a compensation player for outfielder Park Hae-min, who moved from Samsung to LG under an FA contract late last year. Meanwhile, Samsung won 6-3 with starter Huh Yoon-dong’s five scoreless innings and Kim Jae-sung’s four RBIs. LG swung five hits and two RBIs in five at-bats, including Park Hae-min’s double and triple, but lost its shine to Kim Jae-sung’s performance.

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