“You don’t have to clap because you’re doing it.”

Jang Ha-na started with Cho Ah-yeon and Hwang Yoo-min at 11:53 a.m. in the second round of the “DB Group 36th Korea Women’s Open Golf Championship” at Rainbow Hills Country Club in Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do, on the 17th. Jang Ha-na, who hit a powerful tee shot, was a little embarrassed. The first tee shot went into the deep right rough. The forecaddie ran to the rough and found the ball, but there was no news.

Cho Ah-yeon and Hwang Yoo-min also hit a tee shot vigorously. After the two players’ tee shots, Jang Ha-na hit a tee shot again from the tee box. But this time again, the ball went to the right rough. I felt sorry for Jang Ha-na’s expression. Hwang Yoo-min’s ball also shoots back from the tee box toward the right rough. Jang Ha-na’s third tee shot dropped stably. Jang Ha-na looked disappointed, but moved the second shot with a smile.

Jang Ha-na and Caddy, who moved to the second shot, found the first ball in a deep rough. “When the tee shot is not an obi, but it falls into a difficult place to hit, you can declare an unplay ball anywhere except for the water hazard and make a tee shot again.”According to the regulation, Jang Ha-na ran back to the tee shot box. When Jang Ha-na ran hard to the tee shot box, many galleries applauded for her support. Jang Ha-na gave a cute answer, saying, “I’m avoiding you, so you don’t have to clap.” 온라인경마

Jang Ha-na and Caddy, who hit the tee shot vigorously, boarded a cart prepared by the organizers for the smooth progress of the tournament and moved the second shot. On this day, Jang Ha-na had four bogeys, one eagle, and two birdies in the first half, including a double bogey on the first hole, and in the second half of the stable hole, she recorded three birdies and two bogeys to finish the second round with a 71. Meanwhile, Lim Hee-jung shot a 3-under 69 with four birdies and one bogey in the final fourth round of the 36th KLPGA Korea Women’s Open of the 2022 KLPGA Tour DB Group at Rainbow Hills Country Club in Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do on the 19th.

He won the championship with a total of 19-under 269. It’s the smallest-hit win in the history of the tournament. After winning the High1 Resort Open in August 2021, he won five games in 10 months. Kwon Seo-yeon came in second with 13-under 275, Park Min-ji came in third with 12-under 276, Kim Hee-joon, Kim Soo-ji and Lee Ga-young tied for fourth with 11-under 277, Noh Seung-hee, amateur Kim Ji-yu and In Ju-yeon tied for seventh with 10-under 278, and Oh Ji-hyun came in 10th with 9-under 279.

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