IGT hype ‘hangover’ with games

The sequel to the popular movie “Hangover” is set to be released nationwide next week, and gambling equipment giant International Game Technology is releasing a slot machine named after the hit to take advantage of the commercial.

Caesars Palace and Las Vegas were in significant positions in the first film. The game has an exclusive contract with IGT and will run for months at 37 of the company’s casinos.

A special screening of “Hangover Part 2” will take place today at Planet Hollywood Resort. Several stars from the movie, along with Hollywood and strip celebrities and professional athletes, will walk the red carpet and pose with “Hangover” slot machines for paparazzi.

Actor Justin Basar, who played Doug Billings in the movie, is expected to star. There has been a lot of industry speculation about the game since IGT previewed the slot machine at the Global Game Expo in Las Vegas in November. 메이저 토토사이트

“Usually, we expect to release our first games on the G2E over the next two quarters,” said Erik Tom, chief operating officer of IGT. “We made one exception for the ‘hangover’ because Ken Jung participated in the show with ribbon cutting.”

Tom and other IGT officials hope the reaction to the Hangover game will reflect the industry’s acceptance of similar slot machines after the TV series Sex and the City. Since its launch a year ago, IGT has released more than 2,400 Sex and the City games worldwide. The games were one of the company’s best-selling products.

There will be 150 games where “hangovers” will be placed for the first time with Caesars. IGT expects to be released with other casino companies throughout the summer.

Joel Simkins, a game analyst at Credit Suisse, said in a recent research report on the Midwest gaming market that officials at Harrer’s Kansas City pointed to the “hangover” launch as a marketing opportunity.

“Sex and the City” machines are still showing no sign of losing their appeal after a year in the field,” Simkins said.

Tom said “Hangover” follows the company’s push for popular themed games like “American Idol,” “Batman: The Dark Knight,” and “Dirty Dancing.”

Tom said the game has “immense entertainment value” for players due to the film’s comedic elements mixed into slot machines. The movie characters Alan, Phil, Stu, and Doug star in four-themed progressive pick bonuses, including beating Alan with a stun gun, visiting a wedding chapel, trying to collect Mr. Chow’s poker chips, and picking the right Doug. Actor Ken Jeong, who plays Mr. Chow in both the original and sequel, pops up during a gameplay with some of his memorable words.

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